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Problem with autopilot or (user interface between keyboard and chair)

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Im having a couple of problems here and can't seem to find the answer. So I hope this post is in the right place.

Im learning the game in roam mode and am travelling from galcom to wraith (trading).

First I set my FP with (ctrl F) to jupiter then again to sirrius. No problems with the autopilot. On return I fly directly to galcom HQ again np. This is where it goes all wierd. In station I buy the goods and exit. Set flight path to Jupiter by using the map and pressing ctrl F. This goes ok and I jump to jupiter. Then I repeat the same t sirrius and guess what Earth seems to be locked into the FP. Can't clear it. Only way to clear it is land on My shiny new megaron and fly to wraith.

Is there something that I am doing wrong here?

2. I want to join a fleet, big fan of fleet games (oops Im a DarkSpacer) Do the fleets allow noobs such as myself. I would think it is a good learning tool. and Which fleet would take me. I live in the UK if that helps.

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Whatever is displayed at the top of the ITD is the locked Flight Path. When you designate a new one, the old one will be cleared. See UC manual p58


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