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Fighters not available for deployment


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Morning all,

I recently had my fighters out on escort duty for a short period of time. I recalled them and the fighter indicators have been red ever since. They show as offline in the launch status.

They are not damaged and have a well rested crew.

Reactor charges are at approximately 83%.

What am I missing?


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Are FEs assigned to them?

Are pilots assigned to them?

Have you read the Tactical Computer section of the manual which deals with the ready stats of fighters?

There are dozen or more reasons for this, but I'm not going to list them. Go read the manual.

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Good evening, friends!

I have the same problem, and i can't find a hint in my manual.

But i have a little different:

The Charge of my fighters is displayed with 0%.

My Flight Enginiers try since 2 hours, to readying my fighters, but no progress, the charge is 0%!

All of my Ship-Systems have enough energy and are full functionally.

I have tried to move the pilots out of the fighters and then i have move them back to the fghters, but unsuccesful.

Then i have deactivated the central charging unit and have them activated past a few minutes, but unsuccesful.

How i can refit my fighters?

Please excuse for my english, i'm German and my english is not the best.

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Tactical, Launch, assign two FEs to ready the four craft, maximum fifteen minute prep time. Make sure there isn't damage to the FC's reactors. Make sure the power allocation to the Central Charging unit is up and online. And then wait for a while. As in, a real fifteen minutes. Double check the manual, while you're waiting.

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Yeah, that!

I know this is a old post but i just bought this game this weekend. I played bcm freeware for a while and figured it was time for an upgrade. however, I still have the same bcm problems. Namely my flight engineers acting weird. i assign 2 fe to fighter 7 and one always ends in another fighter bay. Retryin by sending them to on station and back doesnt help either. All systems r green, including pilot but they just wont ready the fighter. UCG and BCM are the only good space simulators I have found. Yet these instances are frustrating. Can u please tell what I am doing wrong and yes I spent 4 hours reading the manual twice.

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