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BC vets on the newbreed of newbies

Supreme Cmdr

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Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr:


Originally posted by Most:

Woohoo...i guess i'm a vet now. Its just good to see the forums alive and kicking with new questions and new problems that remind me of when i first picked up BCMG. And i think SC only got mad at me once...yeah and Eclipse edited my post once. But i made it...i'm one of the few.

Yeah, this new breed have it easy. They missed all the fun and are only just showing up now that there are few problems and the series has matured. Lucky b*stards.

I think the reason you're getting the supern00b now is that you're geting a bunch of people who have been playing BC3K (2.0) and BCM for all this time but just never bothered posting. Now that we've got a clean game that we walk away from because we have commitments in the real world and don't walk away because we're so pissed about losing the last 3 hours of work to a CTD (I swear, if I never got a single CTD in BC3K I would've beat the ACM 5 times and not just once). UC is definitely an accomplishment SC. If there are any doubts, look at how few CTD threads there are in Tech Support. And to think, we've got this few and we're only at 1.00.02 just wait till 1.01. .


P.S. The reason I post? The SC gave me entertainment, and I figure I can give him some while he reads my posts.

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