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Being a Noob in the world of UC


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Hey all!! I just wanted to say hi, and that I am enjoying so far my just bought copy of universal combat!

I had a few tech problems, but they were brought on myself having not read the faqs, and follow directions CAREFULLY!!.. I usually do, but I was so anxious to play that I lost my wits completely..

Was not long before SC was snappin!! lol, Does he sleep!?

ANYHOW! I am doing the tutorial he put together now.. And it's truly amazing how many things you can do.. I still feel like I'm just sraping the surface here..

I'm gonna be around the boards, discussing UC as I become more experienced with it!.. I guesss I am just introducing myself, and saying HI!!

Back to UC!!..


It's tough to be a newbie here, But you sure learn fast!

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I am enjoying the game IMMENSLEY so far.. I am almost done the tutorial and am amazed and all the things you can do...

I am left shaking my head at some of the low scores this game got from some of the "mainstream" game sites..

This game is NOT for the faint hearted. And I think thats why I'll love it so much..

I look forward to posting stories from my first career....

It's 4 am here, and unlike SC, I gotta go get some sleep..

SC, I think you should write a book about sleep habits.. and how to not need sleep..

Title it, Sleep is for the weak...

Or sleep depravation for common folk..

But finish Hold the line first! I am buying it As soon as it hits shelves...

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Ok, finished the tutorial today after calling in sick to work....

UC is the Shizzznit!. I am going to have so much fun.. I guess my question now is, should I be starting a career mode now? Or roam?

AND, are there any great guides out there on the net that anyone knows of for performance enhancement of the game.. Tweaks and whatnot..

YES SC. I'll look through the docs as well!!!

You made a masterpiece.. Keep it up!

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Ok, finished the tutorial today after calling in sick to work....

Now thats what I call dedication LOL

Heres hopin no-one at your work place happens to stumble across that post, although I must admit, I did it once or twice with a few combat flight sims.

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