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Phantom Gunship model bug


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I searched for this in the forums, but it gave me no results for "Phantom Gunship".

Anyway, I had my cruiser hovering in the skies of Earth, above an insurgent base. I took out most its defenses (yay for PTA) and decided to take a closer look.

After being ferried down along with a CAV, I began exploring what was left of the base. Then I found out... a Phantom gunship. "Impressive looking machine" I thought to myself. Then I noticed it... the left landing wheel was just plain wrong. It had switched places with the rear wheel. Still, the gunship was just there all fine and dandy.

Later I took a look in BCStudio and there it was again. The left wheel was where the rear wheel should be and vice versa.

So I ask... is this just me? Is my computer playing tricks on my poor and feeble mind?

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