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Universal Combat

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Firstly I would like to thank 3000ad for developing such a fantastic game, I myself come from the era of (dare I say it) 'elite' on the (bbc) and 'frontier elite' (pc).

Right now i have embarrased myself let me make my topic issue...........

could some kind person of the forum please give me some insight into the story of the universe that the battlecruiser serise/ universal combat is in. ie, races casts, who it at war with who and why. I have just perchased the Universal Combat game (uk), am just getting stuck in and am very happy with things so far.


p.s. i have read the post about registering my game and will do it straight away when i get home as i am at work at the moment and do not have the registration stuff i need.

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If you look in your Universal combat game directory in your program files, then in our docs folder you should see the appendix. Find the page's called history and Alien nation's for a description of the current political situation within the game.

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Originally posted by travia21:

I would also like to inquire as to where I would find all the races and castes the Terrans are at war/neutral/peace with.

Are you kidding?

While you're at it, please fix your sig before posting again.

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