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I can Fly into Center of Saturn and Jupiter

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I was flying using the elite pilot career.

I wanted to look at Saturn and Jupiter to

see how the graphics in those regions looks.

After entering the region, I selected from the

command menu: fly to...planet...saturn.

This hyper drove me into the center of the planet.

The outside skin disapprear as I went thru the surface, and was of course transparent when I was inside.

I was never asked to establish planetfall (nor did I expect to get asked.) Seems like a simple bug where the coordinates you are brought to are just mistakenly inside the planet. Does not do this on the moons arouns Saturn, I think I tried 2 of them. Does this on Jupiter as well.

I have applied the latest patch btw.

I'll do some more flying today and see if this is also anywhere else.

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I am not trying to fly THRU the planet to some

other destination. The planet IS my destination, and I would expect to be brought to a short distance near it, not in it.

As stated, when flying to other locations, this is what happens.

I think it is a bug.

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I can upload a series of screen captures if that will help. But basically It's pretty straight forward:

I jump to the Saturn Region.

After I gome thru the jump gate, I use the

Command Craft Oders Menu to select the following:


The ship turns on the AP and engages the hyperdrive.

As I approach the planet, it appears that I continue thru the outer skin of the graphics and are taken literally inside it.

The screen shots I have show the surface of the planet..."peel" back as I approach, and once I am "in" the planet, all of the outer surface is transparrent.

I can see the rings in a complete 360 degrees arround me. I can break off the AP and then fly in any direction I wish.

Same with Jupiter.

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I don't know if this is related but I also noticed

that as the planet saturn approached the edge of the view screen (viewing thru F1) it disappears prematurely.

So it has about still 20% showing, planet surface, and rings, and if I tap just one more on the arrow keys....bam...it's all gone.

Tap back one time on the keys and "poof" it re-apprears.

I have the latest drivers and directx for my GEFORCE 4600, it has 512megs of ram, and my system has 1gig of ram.

I will try experimenting by changing some of the graphic settings...I am running with all 32bit settings and all the "pretty" things turned on.

I am not having any "slow" issues, but I will try chaning things a bit and report back in if this issue and the original one are different.

(I'm thinking that perhaps I am not really IN the planet, but extremely close, and getting this disappearing surface issue) I think TACOPS may be the best way for me to verify where I am when this happens....more to follow.

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My distance does not change.

I am stopped. Looking right at Saturn.

As I slowly pivot away, there is a pretty big

percentage of the planet surface still showing,

moving off the edge of the screen...

and then it disappears. If I was only seeing maybe the outeredge of the furthest ring, I would say it's okay, but for it to so abruptly disappear

just doesn't "feel" right graphicly, and I can't think of any other game where that happens. I have BCM and I have never had that happen in BCM.

Anyway its a look and feel thing, so it's my opinion so far (but its certainly not stopping me from exploring more.)

I'll lay off the replies, thanks for responding.

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Okay, I verified in TacOPS that I am not inside the planet. But very close to the surface. The problem is then graphical in nature, as the planet is invisible.

I picked a navigation mark on the far side and flew towards it manually, and as the SC indicated I was presented with a planetfall anim and then of course died because Juptier is not a nice place.

I think the graphic issue needs refinement, as along with my other comment it doesn't feel right when Jupiter plays peekabo with you as you turn away from it.

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I get the same exact effect as you, but I'm running with a Radeon 9000-m. (different card than yours).

I'd guess that this is an effect that only us noobs would see, as who else would bother to fly up close and personal to an empty gas giant? Or try to "skydive" into Jupiter?

[ 02-12-2004, 09:05 PM: Message edited by: IntgrSpin ]

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