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Constant Spinning (Yawing) with UC v2.00.02 RC1

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Please tell me to siddown if I'm out of place...

Just patched to the new UC v2.00.02 RC1 client and joined server 2. Picked my fav Cruiser, the Garid, and joined.

Soon as I gained control of my ship, it was spinning. It was yawing to the left constantly. I checked to make sure mouse controls were off. I checked for a stuck key. Finally, I turned Num-Lock off and I quit spinning.

Turned Num-Lock back on, and started spinning again.

Hit Shift-Esc and saw I was the only one online, so I quit.

Anyone else experience the spinning? When I played MP before, with the 2.00.01 (i think), I did not have this problem.

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We tried the 2.00.01 patch yesterday and I didn't notice anything such.

I'm using joystick, so I'll try without joystick later today when I'll get home.

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I tried to reproduce it this morning, after restarting. No spinning.

Must've been the 0 key on my numberpad was stuck, which would explain why turning Num-Lock on and off affected it.


Hang this post up on the wall so people can see how not to be an idiot and report bugs in thier keyboards.

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