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Codec Conflict


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I have a problem with UC, that i managed to troubleshoot myself, but thaught that i'd better post it on this forum, just incase there are other game users baffled by the same problem as me, thaught you game dev's aught to know too. There seems to be a problem with the following codecs, and BC, the codecs are called 'Acfilter' 'FFDshow' 'Oggds0995' and 'Subtitds1400' For some reason if i have any of those installed, the game will run the two opening videos, then CTD. I found that the game works again if you un-install the codecs, and re-install when needed.

Sorry if this problem was already known about, i ran search to check and no-one else seemed to know about it.

See you guys


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Originally posted by Severniae:





1.)Think this should be AC3filter. It is a DirectShow filter for AC3 decoding to play .AVI with AC3 audio tracks and MPEG2 (DVD).

2.)ffdshow is a DirectShow decoding filter for decompressing DIVX and XVID movies using libavcodec or xvid with rich set of video postprocessing filters. ffdshow can also be used as a separate postprocessing filter for other decoders.

3.)Ogg Vorbis audio codec

4.)DirectShow Subtitle Filter this goes with the Ogg Vorbis codec

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