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hyperdrive command vith AZERTY keybord


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Folowing your wonderfull tutorial ,the shortcut SHIT+9 for hyperdrive does not work vith AZERTY keybord. I target one ship in VDD and try the substitute AZERTY command "(" without result.In space, it is not a big problem because the command menus "fly to, etc" works well because i have targets in a list, but later when i land on a planet with the carrier,it is impossible to jump to space without direct command of hyperjump to initiate the egress sequence.

i have tried numbers of combinations with SHIFT,CTRL, and ALT without succes.I have tried wih all versions and last patch 20013.

is it possible to give me the combinaison of touchs in AZERTY keybord to have the shortcut command of hyperdrive ?


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...and boy did you just got your lucky numbers, you should try playing lotto tonight! You survived without whipping, even though you don't have your system specs in your sig

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Now for all user of UC the keyboard azerty issue can be solved!

ON XP you got a language bar, witch is configured at install with the AZERTY keyboard for AZERTY key board.

But this bar can also change the default layout of the keyboard. And tel the system ur keyboard is QWERTY. So the hyperjump/leave enter planet will work.

if ( the language barre is not visible near service icon on the right of the task bar u will have to make it visible.

To do so you will have to add the language bar "Task Bar" Right click 'Tool bar' 'language bar' or in french 'barre des langue'.

In my configuration i got a blue icon with fr. When u click on the blue icon u will see the language avaible. If u can find EN(US) install it within parameter. (right click parameter)

one u got EN(US) language u can make uc.exe work like if u gort a QWERTY keyboard.

Click on the short cut used to launch uc to make it hightlighted. Change the language with EN(US) and the double click on the short cut to launch the game.

So there will not be more pb with the key shift+9 to do hypperjump and enter and leave planet.


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