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Mining drone lost


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First, I am fully aware that this game was released for free, no longer supported, I'm a decade late, etc.

That said, I've did some testing with the "FREE GAME – Universal Combat" I've got from http://www.3000ad.com/download/ and it seems that whenever you don't put mining drones on your priority list when you leave them to travel, you have a chance of coming back and never find them.

I've parked a Stormcarrier next to Gamma-1's Starbase, dropped all four mining drones, went to space to launch probes and the first time I came back, I've already lost one of the mining drones, nowhere to be found on Tacops neither in the SUL.

On Tactical-Loadout it appears as "STATUS: DEPLOYED" and "ASSIGNMENT: GAMMA-1 - FULL".

Then I parked the craft again and went to enemy bases trough DJPs. When I came back, yet another "missing" drone. The shuttles couldn't extract it, a message in the Commlink said something about the drone not being in vicinity.

Then I went to another mission zone to park the craft, drop the remaining two drones and DJP to wreck some enemy bases, to come back and find out I had only one drone left.

The thing is, I can't replace the drones with spares because the Tactical computer requires the old ones to be destroyed.

Also, I did fly a shuttle through the surface of the planet with active radar to find out that I was flying a shuttle through the surface of the planet with active radar. And not finding any drone in the whole yellow squared area, even not around it.

Was it looking for Xenon on Gamma-1's core? Was it cloaking to troll me? Were it the Galaxians? - come on, you laughed at this

Seriously, the other glitches (or call it whatever you may call) that I've noticed that could possibly have a relation to this was:

  • Any and all crafts sometimes flying up to the highest possible altitude out of nowhere when they had AHS on and pass through specific cells - is it "cell" the technical name? - I've trying passing through these "special places" and when AHS is on, every asset seem to fly up like it's flying on a geyser, while mother says "warning!". With AHS off, nothing seems to happen.
  • Seems like some crafts are being pulled down on water areas just like the aforementioned situation. I've been finding them via Tacops normally, though.
  • Sometimes planetary things stop to show up on Tacops as selectable objects. They're still on the TRS, though.

If anyone still bothers or are just curious, I have saved game files.

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