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So is UC editing Dead?

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After reading all about GBS III. I was windering is editing Missions etc... now dead for UC?

Do we need GBS III? I mean maybe someone could work out the scripting of missions and make their own editor (Not me as I only know basic C++, and that was 5 years ago hehehe).

I remember back to the days of Doom, when the first WAD editor came out. Before then editing games was almost unheard of. Thanks to that peogram people finally was able to make their own maps, missions etc... the list was endless

Ever since then almost ever game has been modded, officialy or unofficialy. Some games came with their own editor, or were designed to be have mods.

Look at the top games around. The Sims... almost everything could be changed. Half Life, where mods use was built in and some mods has themself been sold as standalone games (Counter Strike). Every Doom/Quake/UT, MS Fligh Sim wouldn't be where it is now becouse of mods

A lot of other games has had mods made for them using home made tools... So I just wondering and hope that someone could be able to workout how the missions are designed.

As such a tool can only increase the playableity (spelling is wrong I know hehehe) and enjoyment of UC

Just an idea.

Any thoughts?

(P.S. My copy was *FINALLY* shipped from EB. Dose anyone know if the packages are tracked when they go overseas?)

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I think the stickied thread pretty much summed it up. I know a lot more people have been wanting it and haven't posted for 'fear' of SC, but i see it as things didn't turn out the way they were planned. For example the product didn't sale for the price he wanted it too...so that in itself would be enough reason for me not to release another product that would cause just as much technical support questions than the UC title alone.

And i doubt SC will not give us anything in the future, hell some of us are fans of him and his products and have stuck with him through rough and hard times. I'm sure he sees that and will (in time) show us his gratitude by giving us what we so eagerly want, so that this game can advance even further than it already has.

At least that is one mans hope, and im sure i'm not alone on that subject. My 2 cents in the wishing well.

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I haven't got long, got to be out of the house in 10 minute but here's my $0.02 worth.

First and foremost GBS II / III where never intended as moding tools.

There only role was to enable players to write their own scripts.

The GBS released to the beta testers has many important dataset files and tools missing.

Without the toolset you would find it hard to recreate the missing datafiles.

The primary datafiles missing are those that are used to create the Universe within the game therefor you can not create a new universe.

Other important datafiles have encryption codes to prevent alteration, the tool to create this is not in the release set.

Yes I know the brighter of you out there could find ways round these problems and mod away to your hearts content but remember anything created with GBS is unsupported, but that would not have stopped many people asking the SC for help!

You only have to look at some of the questions posed by forum members to realize what would happen.

no disrespect intended to those who have posed the type of questions I'm talking about after all we all have to start somewhere, but on this forum we like you to do your homework first.

edit: just spotted a typo probably some more it there but what the hell.

[ 02-18-2004, 01:32 PM: Message edited by: Pugwash ]

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That GBS III will not be released to the public does not mean any of the beta testers would not be willing to help you with the scripting of an idea. There are many good people around here and i don't see why they would not help you create some missions, just ask them nicely and show your true intentions.

In fact, pugwash (if i remember correctly) once created a script for BCMG where you had to defend galcom from a ncreasing number of hostiles jumping in every once in a scripted amount of time.

Then i asked him to change some things and give you control over a fleet and he did it.

If you're not a troublemaker you will get along with people very nicely.


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The Beta testers are more than welcome to create and release scripts, mods etc to the public (as they have done in the past) - but they are not permitted to release GBS-III to the public.

Naturally, as soon as people starting asking for this that and the other (because they think testers don't have better things to do with their time), this section of the forum will automagically disappear.

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Guest Shingen

With all due respect to everyone involved, this really isn't realistic. I know how long it takes to write a playable ACM mission and I can not expect anyone else to devote the time it takes to write, test and debug a playable ACM TOD scenario for ANY BC game.

Not that they wouldn't do it, or that they couldn't, it just that I wouldn't expect anyone to devote the time it takes, solely to write an ACM for my personal use. I'd much rather do it myself, but I can't.

If I could AT LEAST have GBS-II for BCM, I would be happy.

[ 02-18-2004, 11:32 PM: Message edited by: Shingen ]

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