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Mod folder in UC folder?


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Was just playin around a little, and noticed that there is a Mod folder in the main UC Directory, My question is this, What can be modded? Ive seen some graphics, and the GBS stuff.. But, I tried, and failed to modify the Assests.ini file..(I know, I shoulld have read about it here first.. )..

Soo, after reinstalling from the begining and getting back out in the battle, I decided to just come in here and ask.. What can be modded...

Also, Im guessing that the number in the first line in the .ini files is some kind of CRC check? how would one go about recompiling? / or whatever it takes to save those changes in a way the game would recognize.

Reason for this...

Im thinking about making a new transport. Since im still new at the entire BC Universe, and game line, Im not sure how, and/or, what I can and cannot do.

Im not into the entire combat thing, but I am the trader kind of player, so making a viable transport for me to survive, and thrive is kinda what im after, Without using the -i cheat(im not into cheating)...

I am so far in total love with this game, and Im in no way trying to dis the work you have all done in it, But, I always like to add a little something extra to the games I play, If I can...

anyway, thanks for a great game,

Yes I will share with all if I find a way to do this also...

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