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Can I use this as my avatar?


The bigger version is cooler, but too big to use heh.


Maybe I should change the bg color. Gray and black don't match the forum colors too good.

[ 01-04-2002: Message edited by: Sadistic ]

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Originally posted by Epsilon 5:


Yeah, but am the only one with access to my servers (besides Justin the web dude). Plus I have to manually hack the Avatar script etc. When I added #27-141, it took a lot of cutting and pasting in three UBB files. And I can't keep screwing around with that each time someone has an avatar. Thats why when I put the call out, Jerold was smart enough to send me his batch immediately. So, I was able to add his in addition to the others. Its all about timing.

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If we have avatars in our own likeness, should we still send them to Tacops?

I know you are too busy to add them now, but next time you do add them, it will be better to have them all in one batch eh?

Just floating an idea out... don't shoot me

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