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Is anyone still using Active Worlds?


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Sounds like I just walked into a fire storm. When I roamed around last night, I didn't see anything that appeared out of place. But then, it was my first time seeing it all.

AW looks great! Galcom looks really damned impressive. Good job guys I'd love to see it when it's more 'complete'

I'm touristing around as "Ataraxia". I might go by Gomez to kill confusion as to who I am. But I've grown to like this new name

See you all on AW...

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Update on 6/27/01 :


$iLk's Bar has reopened.

Construction of GCV VIGILANCE resumed


Terrace above the bar by Epsilon 5

Battlecruiser Millennium Dance club by $iLk

Everyone come take a look at it.

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Key phrases that leads to that:

- Derek Smart desktop commander

- twat lame a** feckless moron

- This directory list all stuctures that have been constructed by sad f****

- If you are a sad f***, you probably like BCM too.

- BCM - frontal lobotomy required

Several structures have been damaged, gave in order of importance (worst first)

- GCV Vigilance (DESTROYED)

- Orion offices (parts missing)

- BCM building (texts changed, some parts missing)

- Menchise office (some parts missing, texts changed)

- My heaven's portal (parts missing)

- Keenan (one window missing)

Nothing else has been modified... for now. The directory is missing.

A "tracking" system have been installed... if it can be useful, it scans the hostname and the IP (unsure) of each person that load the commander village for the first time in a session. The tracking panel is registered to myself, so it's safe.

I want everyone that goes in AW to tell me WHEN they go in at least one time, so i can "register" their hostname. I have myself, Keenan, Spuzzum and Menchise already registered in the system.

No porn pics so far, so it's someone new.

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I have taken a time frame of the attacks. They occurred between 9:30AM this morning and 10:00AM. Durng that time, the battlecruiser I constructed was demolished.

In investigating this matter- the key phrases used in this assault were phrases from the web site Flame War Follies at werewolves.

Sadly the VIgilance was destroyed, however the damage to the other buildings is temporary but reparable. Massive structural damage to the first two constructed buildings including $iLks Bar and Orion Fleet headquarters. I guess you can forget about my earlier post - perhaps my new additions shouldn't be visited as of yet.

This is a message to the person responsible

You can attack us all you want and no doubt your buddies will smell the scent of blood and attack later as well. But Ep5 knew something would occur in the future and talked to me the other day about preparing for it. Your IP address is logged and your ISP is logged. Although AW may not care about our tourist property buildings, they do have strict guidelines concerning conduct. I'm sure that they will be happy to contact your ISP and yank your account.

We will repair this and strive to make it better. You can't stop us, and your immature behavior only heightens the salivating enjoyment I get when playing BCM because I know that it is creatures like you who are missing out on a great game. You have nothing better to do, we know that. You yourself confirmed that. Just think about our logging we have set up in the commander's village.

Thank you.

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at 1:00 (2:00 for Ep5) an unidentified avatar named BigGiantHead was spotted in the commanders village by me, Ep5, and riga - a new visitor. He ran, we gave chase, then he vanished. He said nothing.

Report submitted 5 min after the incident/

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After keeping up with this thread since it started, I've decided to comment on the whole issue. Firstly, remember, the world is full of people who just are plain ignorant. They don't care about other people's property. Unfortunately, its not a perfect world.

Aramike and Jaguar are right guys. You can report all you want in this forum, but as long as you just have tourist accounts, you are just setting yourselves up to be vandalized.

I don't mean to offend anyone here, after all you guys are taking the initiative to resurrect the Commander's Village, but your basically just wasting your time setting up logging, etc.

Register and problem is solved!

I'm off my soapbox now.

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Why was this beautiful place a DEAD GHOST TOWN when we came here?

[Obviously, many reasons! Give us some good history, Old Timers! Chavik? Rattler? Echo? still out there?]

Keeping on thread: "Is anyone still using Active Worlds?"


forgive the 'young pup barking,' but damn right I'm pissed about the DriveBy. They were shooting at YOUR pictures in the museum.

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If you wish to get picky...


punctuation, note that there is no "q"

Declaritive srntances usually end with a peroid.

I would put forward that his sentance is complete, but containes a type in the last word. I would guess he ment to type "too" meaning also, instead of "to." Time to get a new keyboard?

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Originally posted by Baloogan:

We want a qualifier, a subject, and a predicate.

His clause contained all three. What is missing is the object of the preposition, functioning as an infinitive (by your analysis).

Lighten up, Baloogan. He's from the Netherlands. He probably speaks four languages. I'd venture to guess that he knows a whole lot more about grammar than you and me combined.

[ 06-30-2001: Message edited by: pkzip ]

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Originally posted by Commander Jamont:

yeah hehe i meant im starting my own place to on active worlds ...

In English, Jamont, the correct word would be "too," which means "also." "To" is your equivalent of "naar." (Roughly).

Het is belangrijk om te onthouden spraakkunst, eh?

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An attack occured again. BCM, Keenan, menchise and the old Wraith office have been attacked.

$iLk, you should register, and fast, or I'll register the bcm building myself. Orion is safe... because of that.

Wraith is almost destroyed. BCM has floors and walls missing. Menchise is missing a few walls. Keenan is missing walls and floors, but all the furniture seem to be there.

There has been no texts changed. Menchise, you should remove the directory adresses for those unregistered.

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I rebuilt some of the floors and the walls of GALCOM's World, but I didn't touch Wraith Fleet or any others.

I hope this b*stard burns in hell.

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Guest $iLk

I have now registered


$iLk's Bar is now under reconstruction. I find it easier to start from scratch. At least now knowing that it won't be touched now

{EDIT} EPSILON 5. Please get rid of Tracer - It is keeping me from building


{EDIT 2} Don't worry about it, I worked around it. Thanks for xelagot code.

[ 07-01-2001: Message edited by: $iLk ]

[ 07-01-2001: Message edited by: $iLk ]

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