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The state of the forum community

Supreme Cmdr

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I'm sure that the SC has been called many names, but I would like to add one more to the list before this forum closes: superhuman dynamo (I meant that in a good way ).

Since the decision to close forum posting is definitely final, I have something to write before the train reaches the last stop.

While it is understandable to express one's shock, disappointment, and sadness about the board's closure, I think it is time for us to also reflect on the great moments we have experienced and the lessons we have learned here, to remember that as we depart the Battlecruiser Online Forum, we depart with the knowledge that we have been a part of something special, and if we remain true to that memory, we bring the light of what we have learned and experienced everywhere we go.

Today, we learn one of the more difficult lessons of life: the importance of letting go of that which no longer makes us happy. It's particularly difficult in the case of a creator when it's something one has nurtured for over four and a half years (it's been that long?). But letting go is not a bitter experience when one truly goes through with it, because after letting go, one is free to carry within oneself the happiness that it brought without being reminded of the pain.

For the purpose of letting go, there will be a thread in the General Discussions forum (which, if I'm not mistaken, will be open for one week). This thread is for discussing what we take with us from our experiences here, as we continue our respective journeys, many of which will lead to new meeting places for the Battlecruiser community.

Read ya later.

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I have received several emails which I have read and will be thinking about carefully over the coming weeks.

I have also been over to Orion and read Mike's hig hly appreciated post (thanks Mike!) as well as Blade's (aka Savage) post, which, while not particularly an issue to me (I just don't care enough any more, to be bothered) still have the same tone which contributed to this conclusion to begin with.

All I can say at this time is that the chances of me changing my mind are close to ZERO.

As for a new player hosted community, I wish you guys luck because you sure as all hell are going to need it. Lots of it. Especially if it involves the same people I've been watching and whom I don't believe to be worthy of this community (regardless of tenure). But then again, thats just me. I'm just gonna watch.

Maybe next year I will feel different, initiate certain changes etc. Who knows. Until then, the tech support aspects of the game as it pertains to the forum will be my one and only focus. Nothing else.

That is all.

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Thank you SC for allowing us the opportunity to get our affairs in order. And thank you for the opportunity to have been a part of this great community. Hopefully wherever we end up making our home the community will still thrive.

From heated political debates, to posting humorous jokes, and sharing strategies and war stories - I have enjoyed my experience here and see no reason why it has to end. Perhaps on the Links page for Battlecruiser you could place URL links to the different community forums in place so that newbies can still get the support they so desperately need

I know I wasn't around here as long as most of these guys, (I lurked for awhile before ever registering) but I hope that the experience was somewhat enjoyable for you, as I got asked what I was smoking and if I had any left several times

Well, after thinking it over, if this is just not enjoyable for you, I'd say either take a break or continue as you are. Maybe you'll feel differently eventually, maybe not. But thank you for creating this wonderful game that have made many of our dreams of space sims come true.

I find it hard to leave the community boards as well, but if it's that bothersome for you perhaps this is best. You shouldn't have to worry about the game AND your fan base. I only hope that we can develop your fan base and support those who need assistance to your expectations without you having to worry about it.

Do you have any further plans for the fleets or will they remain disbanded until Multiplayer?

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Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr:

Everyone please read

Effective Monday morning, I will be closing all forums (except the Beta forum) for posting.

[ 12-16-2001: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]

If I read this literally this means you are shutting down the tech support forum for your product, thus abandoning your newly released product. Please clarify on this.

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Am I the only one that is pinching themselves hoping to awake from a bad dream? I wish I had been active here long enough to understand what the H#LL is going on.we've all been waiting for BCM to get here and finally it's here and everything starts falling apart.

SC,I can understand,that for you, it's about the game from a game designer's viewpoint.But what is a game for....why does the game exist? I thought that the answer to that question was "To be played".You have achieved that goal.But not only through the game,but through this collection of people present at this community.Through the game,you, and us there is a synergy that cannot be found elsewhere....ANYWHERE.For all of us out here this game has become THE GAME. many of us out here have been late for work,late for class,...er..cough..called in sick ...neglected other things and people...and why? because we understand the potential of what was happening here.that something was happening here that many of us have waited years and years for.And the sky was the limit.......no I take that back...there were no limits...this thing just promised to get better and better.I've had the most fun in years just interacting with these other people who were sharing the same experience with me.I spent days getting my Sig right and getting registered for this and that....I got excepted to a fleet and now my thoughts were filled with expectations of upcoming engagements,Fleet order of battles and my place in all of that.What a RUSH!!! I wanted to be a part of something like this.something that promised,despite your detractors and nay-sayers,to transcend anything that has EVER BEEN.To quote another person from this forum "This is gonna be SWEEEEET".NOBODY could stop this.......Well...nobody but you.Many have offered suggestions and help so that you could concentrate on the game and the frachise.But the game isn't just the code.it's also this human element that you've shared your vision with.

I can't even run the game without getting emotional now,I can't imagine how the people who have been around here for years are feeling.

I spent the last couple of weeks calling gamer friends all over the States, telling them " Hey man you have GOT to check this out....this is gonna be the SH!T ", Now I feel stupid.......... maybe I am.

To all of you out there: I wish you the best of luck and hopefully I'll see you out there on some other site.

To the SC: I hope you find the balance in your life that allows you to have fun with this and us again.


You can win the Battle,But lose the War

[ 12-16-2001: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]

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So many people have said so many things above, and I don't think I can say anything that hasn't been said. I'm all for starting an unofficial gathering place, but I'm going to miss being in touch with the game's designer. Most likely, this will be one of my last posts on this board. So, I leave this board, going wherever everyone else goes, with this final quote:

"The game must go on!"

This is Commander Urza, of the GCV Weatherlight, signing off.

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I am reading alot of messages from people who feel closing the forums will give the SC a break and others who are just sad to see it go and want to try carry it on elsewhere themselves...

I can completely understand what a bother it is to try administering a forum of this size, keeping it neat and relevant. Up until now, though, I have been almost paranoid about posting anything from fear of being banned because I mis-spelled a word, used the wrong punctuation or just asked a question about something everyone else takes for granted. Some people just don't have the reading comprehension to fully understand the manual. I would never say dumb it down, but as a community shouldn't everyone try to 'help each other'?

If the SC is getting overwhelmed, I agree that he is more than entitled to a break. That's why the Moderators are here- so he doesn't have to be. After all of this, the bannings, the harsh words and the closing of the forum how many noobs are going to want to email directly for support? I would certainly be afraid of what I might happen should I leave out something or say something wrong.

When my kids are 'not having fun anymore' it would not be appropriate for them to throw the toys on the ground along with everyone elses feelings. BCM is a mature game, can't we all be mature people?

I am not trying to make anyone feel bad, and I hope I haven't caused anyone injury by this. I just want to enjoy the BCM experience and the community that made me want to be a part of it- without name calling and tantrums (I get enough of that from my kids).

Whether the forums remain here or somewhere else let's remember this is supposed to be fun. If not, lets uninstall our games and play with SQL or ACCESS all day, scowl alot and give only fruitcake for Christmas gifts...

-Whomever angers me, conquers me...

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Do what you feel you have to do. You're instincts have gotten you this far.

During the beta, we talked about this day. We talked about how the forums would change once BCM shipped and all the new people would flood the site. I even suggested turning the beta forum into a private "members only" club for the long-standing community. You mentioned that you had similar thoughts.

Well, the day has come. Only it's not simply the forums that are catching up to you. It is life that is catching up to you. Go out there and reconnect with it. Enjoy your family. Take a vacation. Go back overseas and pay your respects to your grandmother (it's never too late for that).

Honestly, from your long post (the one with all the yellow), you sound like you're suffering from a classic case of burnout. Do something else for a while.

We'll still be here, somewhere.

Good luck, so long, and thanks for all the fish.

Steve Schacher

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Well. I can't help feeling its like the end of an era.

I haven't been nearly as involved in posting messages or participating in the community, but I have visited these boards almost every day.

I remember first getting interested in the Battlecruiser series in 1995 or 1996. Even before bc3k v1.0 came out I visited the battlecruiser forum on AOL (back when game forums on AOL had free access if you had AOL) and read SC's posts. I purchased BC3k v1.0 the day it came out in 1996 and attempted to play it for months afterwards. v1.0 was a great concept, but an incomplete product.

When v2.0 came out, I purchased it as soon as I could find a copy - within a week of its release in 1998. Here was what the Battlecruiser series was supposed to be - a great product with great gameplay! The graphics were a little behind the times, but they didn't detract from the overall game that much. It was fun watching the stream of patches add new features like Fleet C&C.

I had my copy of BCM reserved at EB and purchased it the day it came out. BCM is fantastic! Much better graphics with more refined gameplay than previous versions.

Over the years, I spent a lot of time on and off, surfing these boards, but rarely posting. In general, I try to post only when I have something to say. It's been great watching the community develop and grow. Its also great watching Derek patch his products, providing unparalleled support among game developers. SC's patches eventually add so many new features its almost like you get two games for the price of one.

Regardless, I will be sad to see these forums go. It is a major blow to the Battlecruiser community and a loss to the Internet as a whole.

On the other hand, I can imagine SC's perspective. It sounds like BCM and his upcoming products have reached a stage where they are dominating SC's life to the extent of all else. So much so that other more important things, like family and friends, are out of balance.

I too, hope that SC could turn over control of these forums to the veterans perhaps indefinitely, to remove the stress. However, these are his forums for his game. SC may not feel comfortable about turning them over to others. Furthermore, SC may need to close these forums down as a step in achieving balance in his life.

I hope the best for the BC community. I believe it will persist at some of the fansites such as Orionfleet, though I expect it will be in much reduced form.


Over and out.

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I would like to thank you for putting up with us and providing so much support that any sane man would have be admitted into the funny farm a long time ago.

I respect your decision and dedication to your vision and hope that someday we will be able to chat with each other.

No matter what happens you will have my support all the way.

Till then selamat tinggal dan jumpa lagi di masa yang akan datang. That's goodbye and may we meet each other again in the future in Malay.

Cmdr Jeffery Eu signing off....

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All I can say is that I just started my relationship with the forum way before BCM went Gold. I can't even remember how I got to this site. I don't know you or anyone else here enough to talk about current situations or anything of that matter all I can say is the one thing that I do know which is to make a game better in anyway is to have a community that is very dedicated and have a good long history. All of which is here so yeah you may have stopped having fun, but all the people here who have formed bonds with squadmates and are continuing to post and have fun will no longer be able to keep those bonds together. I know I am someone that you may not even think twice of taking the time to respond to and I am not saying thats bad. Your ways are the rules I have no problems with them. All I can say is something that was put in the VCF after I bought BCM "...The changes you see are the result of the participants in the Beta test that without their dedication some of these bugs wouldn't have been found..." I know you are keeping the Beta forum open, but what about the problems that were found because people not in Beta had found. All I want is to help make BCM better so why not keep the Beta and Technical forums open. so the only thing that is focus on is problems in the game.

[ 12-18-2001: Message edited by: Mrxknown ]

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That sucks, SC, but I guess I can understand where you're coming from. I haven't really been here long enough to make any kind of long or important speech... but I've enjoyed the time spent here (even if it was spent with you yelling at me ) and hoped to stick around for a while. Thanks for the incredible game and I guess I'll see you if you ever decide to reopen the forums. Later,

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Don't do it SC! Please don't close down our lifeblood. (starts breaking apart) Ok, listen, we all love these forums, we don't care what rules you make, kick everyone, just dont close em down. (begs and grovels) Give em to the moderators! Let them handle em while you take a break. Or better yet, kill the moderators and do it all yourself! Total autonomy....or, or....put some sort of virus in all the BCM files that you can activate if anyone gets you mad via their registration #! Then instead of just closing down their forum account, you can destroy their computer! Yeah! Give SC the power! POWER TO THE SC! LONG LIVE THE FORUMS!!!!!

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Okay, an update to ths situation.

As you all know, I have been discussin this situation with the Supreme Commander. I have just receieved email from him. While I won't reprint it in full, a summary is posted below.

* Epsilon 5's posting rights and public profile have been RESTORED. Epsilon 5 needs to post a public apology to Derek and the rest of the community about his inappropriate support of warez products on a board dedicated to game development, in the the warez thread.

Derek will take a step back from the forum for the rest of December and decide on it's future in January. He may well hire a full time moderator to handle the forum alone.

the Forum will remain as-is and unchanged, based on two things - that the amins and moderators keep up their side of the job and that no more upsets like this occur. Derek will be taking a break from the forums, apart from tech support.

Blades' resignation from Orion Fleet is not accepted by either GalCOM Fleet Commander or Supreme Commander / Derek Smart himself. In Derek's own words "...if he does insist,

he stands NO chance of being part of the greatness that is to come".

The Fleets DB is down temporarily and should be complete and re-launched by the time the MP patch is released - on account of being redesigned for interoperability with the multiplayer component of the game.

the SC recommends we continue the development of a BC fan site "hub", which I support - we as fans need our own space so we stop getting all offended by each other on the official forums.

So there you have it - a partial resolution to this situation. I will continue to liase with people RE the development of a new BC community site, with our own private forums, etc. - tentatively designated "Stastation: Centron".


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Guest Remo Williams

Sounds great! I wish you luck constructing the new BC fan site. From what I've read over at Orion's board you should have all the help you'll need.

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Good plan. I do hope Blades comes back. He was a valuble asset to this community, and something would really be missing here without him.

Also, I presume E5 will be reinstated to Orion Fleet?

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Epsilon 5's posting rights and public profile have been RESTORED. Epsilon 5 needs to post a public apology to Derek and the rest of the community about his inappropriate support of warez products on a board dedicated to game development, in the the warez thread.

I expect Epsilon 5 to post the same apology in our General Topics forum, as well. He should know by now that we are all competent debaters.

Epsilon 5: Be prepared to defend your words well.

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Well, this thread wouldn't be complete without a comment from everyone's favorite zany screwball, Parias, now would it?

I haven't really been posting much lately, but I've been listening a hell of a lot, and frankly, I almost started to take these forums for granted... which is why I was a bit shocked to find out I was depressed at finding they may not be around anymore, or, at least, not with any new content.

SC, go ahead and do what you feel you need, I can understand the "burned out" feeling all too well... but also take note of the community you've built up here. You've got a lot of people who look up to you (or try to look down, but often find they can't seem to locate a large enough stool to stand on), and it just wouldn't seem right to turn around, say "screw this, I'm going home", and vamoose.

Ahh... I can't really say anything here that hasn't already been said by every other person in this thread. Just take stock of the massed number of protests here.. sometime down the road you'll probably smile at the number of people who rose up in arms when they learned that their favorite forums wouldn't be around anymore

When you finish thinking this through, I know you'll make the right decision.


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Four great years I've been in these forums, and enjoyed and learned a lot from them.

Thanks SC.

Now it seems that we have to pull out our community to the next generation.

I know that support to this game won't come to an end, that's for sure, so have no fear.

No matter where the forum will continue, we betatesters will be there ready to try your "mysterious" bugs, and report them to SC if necessary.

I think that it's not bad way to be, betatesters as a buffer between developer and gamers, so we can filter out all wild goose chases before it goes to SC.

This is one way to give the man the peace he needs to concentrate on the real subjects.

And maybe (hopefully) one day these forums will open again.

You were like part of my family for four years, and it will always be like it.

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