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Open letter of thanks to the BC fans....

Supreme Cmdr

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My fellow BC gamers,

I just wanted to thank you, the testers and staunch fan base, for the support over the years and your dedication to this series. Without your input, support, involvement and constant food fights in the Beta program, this product would probably not have turned out the way it did.

The tech support forums are testament to all our hard work and dedication - especially for a product that continues to be the largest and most complex game of our time.

This has been a team effort and I will continue to do my best in keeping the team together and alive.

There are those who would otherwise seek to bring disharmony to this community, knock our hard work and otherwise disrupt what we have going here. They are jealous. Pure and simple. We've been called all sorts of names by anon faceless, inconsequential, delinquent buffoons whose sole purpose in life is to put others down in order to feel good about themselves - and commit wanton acts of libel and slander just because they can.

They have failed time and time again over the years to disrupt my dream and that which is shared by the very people who make this all the more worthwhile. Today, WE are STILL here, doing what WE do best. Develop and play games we CARE about.

At the end of the day, its about the game.

I never did and I still don't give a rat's *ss what anyone thinks of me. All I care about is what I think of myself, my work, my dedicated dev team, testers and fan base. I have never tried to defend my actions, verse and or methods to anyone. I don't plan on starting. Ever. Whatever you read online about me. Whatever line of fire you have come under from me. Whatever opinions you might have of me based on experience or what you read - are all your own. Whether you consider me rude, abrasive, egotistical, eccentric, stark raving mad or otherwise, one thing you should remember is that I LIKE who I am and if I was anybody else, I wouldn't be Derek Smart.

Whether anyone likes it or not, unless some act of God occurs and which prevents me from doing what I love doing (game development), I'm going to be here until I grow more Grey hairs. I have a young daughter whose very life, and indeed that of my fiancee, depends on the decisions I make. All the people who work for me, have families and responsibilies. All of who also depend on the decisions I make. Therefore, while this may all be fun and games to the casual onlooker, at the end of the day, I have people, other than myself, whose very lives and income, depend on me, this company and the very products I develop.

And at the end of the day, this big business hobby of mine depends on your involvement, your support, your direction and indeed your friendship. We have put a LOT of work into this product, and believe me when I tell you this, even if I only sell 10 copies, I'm still going to continue developing games for the 10 of those who bought and played it. I have said this time and time again and have, so far, stuck to this notion.

Over the years, I have made good on each and every promise I have made to you regarding this series. Who can forget the mishap of 1996? When, more than two years were spent being ridiculed, harassed, libeled and generally made the most fun of. Yet, we patched the game for those of you who bought it - and released it on the Net for free. Yet again in 1998, there was another BC title. Also released for free on the Internet a few months back, in order to give others (more than 100K downloads net-wide) the opportunity to realize this dream with us.

Here we are, 2001 and we have yet another BC title and with a lot more to come.

WE play games. This is what WE do best.

So, Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the US. As you can see, I am up and back at work for part of the day.

Cheers and thanks for your continued support and understanding.

Keep the dream alive!

[ 11-23-2001: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]

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...constant food fights in the Beta program...

Food fights? What food fights?

All I remember is being precariously perched at the airlock with the SC about to hit the eject button

Happy T-Day back at ye SC


[ 11-22-2001: Message edited by: Gallion ]

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Not being here as long as some of the others SC all I can say is


I had a choice this month to buy one game, as money is tight but the choice did not have to be made it was pre decided. You rock and your games rock and the amount of support you give the fan base puts you head, shoulders and the rest of your body over other devolopers/publishers.

I am honoured I could assist in BCM's devolopment as part of the Beta team and hope I can help again in the future in some way.

Happy thanksgiving!

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I honestly hope you made one heluva profit from this game as after all the trouble you've been through you most definately deserve it. Congratulations on a succesful project to all members of 3000AD.

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As long as you are here, I will be here.

Been playing BCM since I got it, of course have been playing it since January, but for 2 months I have been like an addict without my fix!!

Thanks for the fix SC, and thank you for your continued developement on our dream game!!

I look forward to helping Beta in the future, and I hope you have a GREAT Turkey Day!!!

Best Regards to you and your family,

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Guest Melanie650

This game is to me is one of those rare games such as Daggerfall and Civilization that are legendary of their time. How many games out there can you go to the rings of Saturn and walk on it's surface? Since when did games offer you to leave the bridge of your ship to fly around in a shuttlecraft? Games these days hardly try to deliver any real depth. Alot of games today are more like, "Go through this simple maze and look at the amazing graphics." It's games like these that make you say, "Why should I play this game again? There's no reason too!" I can see BCM as one of those games that I can be playing years from now and still enjoy the game. To those who say it's just a buggy game. This game attempts to deliver alot more than a simple, go beat this maze game. Thats whats wrong with gaming these days. It's that companies want a Quick Money maker. Hardly any games exist anymore that offer this much depth. Making a game with depth these days would take alot of money, alot of time, and probably have alot of bugs. Something that no company who's just in the buisness to make money would ever dare attempt.

And to all the people that complain this game is too Buggy, I say this. Nothing in life which we consider great was achieved through easy efforts.

[ 11-23-2001: Message edited by: Melanie650 ]

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I have bought and played many, many computer games over the last 10 years. I have a whole shelf full of them. I have never seen the dedication by any company big or small that this product has. I have watched this board weekly and Derek's posts come at any time day or night. You can see that he is constantly working on his dream (my dream also). Here's to you Derek, keep the dream alive and moving forward.

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Thnx boss, and happy Thanksgiving. It's been one helluva jorney and it seems that it'll never end (I'll be playing these games in a rockin' chair ) And talking about dedication... oh man, we're talking about extreme here!

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Same to you Derek.

I have to say, I have now been a part of this community now for 2 years, and has been a great joy in my life. I have never know a game to be so vast, and enjoyable till my BC3K came along.

May you have many great returns for all the hard work you do.

Thanks to you Derek.

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