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I'd like some clarification about a deleted post, if possible. Mind you, I understand that posts that do not meet the requirements are deleted, and that's fine -no problems here-. I'm not arguing or anything. I just want to know what I did so I don't make the same error again. The post was called 'UC, system requirements and reviews', or somesuch. It was a joking, sarcastic rant on reviews and the state of gaming. I posted it here because I thought it would fit in the 'fun' catagory. It wasn't a technical question at all, and was just meant for a laugh or two.

So, what did I do wrong? Was it because the title had 'system requirements' in it and it got deleted because one of the moderators thought it was off-topic? Or was the humour not appreciated? Either way, please let me know. I realize, after browsing the forums, that people here don't want their time wasted, and I don't want to waste my time or theirs either, with off-topic posts. I thought mine was in the clear. Let me know, hmm? Thanks!

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