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"Barnards Star, Zilon reached..."


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(Hello, you all, and a nice day to you,

I write this to introduce myself here...

My Name is Marcus (Scuanor's the Nick) and I am a

male 34-year old from Hamburg, Germany.

I once played Battlecruiser 3000ad and found it

great, for all the Stuff one can do and all the

Freedom, then last year I bought Battlecruiser

Milennium Gold and was amazed, how big it is,

sadly a Friend of mine borrowed it and only after

some rare Meetings I finally got it back now.

After looking through IRC and Forum, I thought BCM

was dead, but sometimes the "dead" are only

sleeping. And so I am honoured to be here, with so

many People that too like, what the Maker(s) of

these Games accomplished, and hope to find some

day a new BC-Game in the shelf in some Store here

in Town.

And now back to Topic, as I am since the late 80s

an ever-addicted Roleplayer, hope thats not a too

big problem... ┬░Smiles┬░)

"...Exiting Jump-Point, Sir" a female, somewhat

low-sounding Voice announced softly.

I shook my Head to come to thoughts and went to my

Quarters, mumbling a few Commands to my Navigation

Officer Denjeah, she would handle the Rest of the

Procedure, as always on Wednesdays.

As I reached my Cabin on this newly aquired,

Starwarrior-Class Cruiser, I closed the

nonfunctional Door by myself, dropped my Jacket

on the Floor nearby and sat down in the Chair.

Tired I closed my Eyes and thought of all

the Things that happened lately.

After that ... "Incident" on the "Golden Angel"

last Year, Me and some of my Crewmembers parted,

for the Sake of Peace, Slowly i was adapting to a

Life in a Bar, mixing Drinks and beeing nice, all

without the wonderful sight that Space has to

offer, then a coded Message arrived...

Now I am in Command of this old, little Thing

called UCV-Betty Boop and as a 34 year-old

Mercenary, I wondered, what card Fate would hand

me next...

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