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Guest Remo Williams

Are there any active Gammulans still here? Is lordDavid still here to run the Gammulan alliance?

There are a few Gammulan recruits waiting in the Fleets DB for approval they have been there for quite sometime. I approved two recruits about a month ago, but have seen no activity from them here were they ever contacted?

If the answers to my questions are no, or I receive no reply I will approve the waiting Gammulan recruits and contact them myself to form them into a team for MP.

If there is still Gammulan leadership here the Fleet league is going to start competing again April 1st and we need an active Gammulan team to participate. Current active members of the fleet league are going to create a secondary AE to compete, as a Gammulan fleet if a team cannot be put together from the current Gammulan membersÔÇÖ roster.

Please let me know whatÔÇÖs going on here so will be ready come April 1st. If I don't receive a reply I'll proceed as planned, but I hope there is still life in the Gammulan fleet to put a team together without my assistance.

Remo Out!

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Just finally got a video card to be able to run UC, now you got to give me a chance to get up to speed, April fool's day ought to be fine for that.

But, I would also like to have those second AE's around as well.

So if you'll get them started, I will see what I can do about getting them settled into the fleet.

Diplomacy fleet leader is ready to go, it is the others that I question...LOL

I only saw 1 recruit waiting for authorization, so I took care of that, but I have not seen any activity from the other 2 in Diplomacy fleet, so any 2nd AE allies would be very helpful.

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