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Grr. On the SC's Role Call, only three Gammulans posted including my self! On the Gammulan Webpage there are listed many more of us kin! Have the rest of you fallen to the weak Terrans while pretending to be a petty excuse for a warrior? Or have the rest of you grown old and weak? PAH!!! We do not fall to anyone! Even the oldest and weakest of Gammulans still is superior to the Terrans! So Rise up and lets continue our glorious war efforts else I will be sure you go through a fate even more humilitating than a Falkarie child killing you!


I know, I've been lurking for a long long time, and I'll try to spend more time posting here again. Anyway, as referenced here, anyone does not make themselves heard somewhere in this Gammulan Fleets section will be removed from the webpage members section and regarded as MIA.

If anyone wants to join us Gammulans, be bold; stand up and post here! Have fun and keep gaming!

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