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Fun Things To Do With Your Battlecruiser

Steve Schacher

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Sometimes I like to just goof around a little and sit back and watch the graphics. Here are a few things to try:

1. Cargosweep in a debris field.

Fly to a cargo field. When the field fills up with cargo pods, order a shuttle to cargosweep. Then, order your battlecruiser to escort the shuttle. Lock onto the shuttle with your CVD and then press F8 until you are in the inverse tactical view. Set your zoom to a comfortable view and sit back and watch. See how well your Battlecruiser crew pilots your ship around the shuttle!

2. Minesweep in the debris field

This is similar to Fun Thing #1. Launch an interceptor, then order the BC to escort it. Lock onto the interceptor with the CVD and give it the interceptor a minesweep order. This time, press F10 until you get the inverse tactical view and set your zoom for a nice view. Watch your interceptor zig and zag, and see your battlecruiser follow the interceptor!

Does anybody else have any Fun Things that they do?

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I myself enjoy running my Battlecruiser through what I call the "Gammulan Gauntlet".. I think it kinda speaks for itself smile.gif


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Create about 8 waypoints, over a heavily populated mission zone. Launch the interceptor with those waypoints and then launch a second interceptor to escort the first (the second does not need waypoints). Then, once the 1st one is over the zone, view it from any preferable F10 view and see how it navigates around that mission zone. If you cleverly spaced out the waypoints as well as put some that take it between and around buildings, you'll see some pretty cool stuff, especially if you have trails at max.

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I also like to run the "GAMMULAN GAUNTLANT"


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If you want to see how well your interceptor selects targets on it's own, do the following during a battle (preferably near a station for a better view):

1. Launch Interceptor 1 (I use intercept loadout).

2. Order interceptor to DEFEND BC.


4. Lock Interceptor 1 in your CVD.

5. Press F10 (target view) and switch to INVERSE TACTICAL view (this will be the target of your target).

6. Zoom out to a comfortable view. You will see your interceptor target an enemy and fly towards it. The BC will cover the interceptor, so you will see it converge on the target and start shooting at it. If a better target shows up, you will automatically be switched to that enemy (your interceptor switched targets). When it switches to an enemy just launched by the station, you may also see the station to the side.

Pretty cool to order your ships, and then sit back and watch the battle like a movie!

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Yep. Steve: If you go to TACOPS and fiddle around with the camera POV, and disable the ID tags and keep a nice zoom into the battlefield, you will notice that it IS a movie biggrin.gif

I just love to siege station with my ol' lady parked in a debri field and my fighters luring the defenders to it and then getting blown to smithereens by the PTA and fighters. Ahhh.. its just too sweeeet!

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