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HOW TO - Assault a planetary base with multiple forces

Supreme Cmdr

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This is for advanced users only. If you try this tip without using the /i cheat, you're going to die and you'll be wasting your time.

  1. Move the CC as close to the planet (Earth) as possible. In fact, jump to the planet, but
    answer NO to the planetfall question. This puts your outside its orbital pull range. Now use
    the COMMAND menu and give the CC the HALT order, then turn on the A/P, your weapons etc etc

    The closer your CC is to the planet, the quicker the shuttles will take to get to the
    planet and proceed to their task zone.

  2. Send some marines to a shuttle
  3. Send some marines to the transporter
  4. Send the AE to the transporter
  5. Go to Perscan and wait till they all get to the shuttle and transporter
  6. Make sure you have fighters prepped and ready for launch and with either
    CAP or INTERCEPT2 weapons profile (Tactical/Loadout)

  7. Go to Tacops, find a new hostile Terran/Insurgent mzone and find one of
    their base. Now set three waypoints for the shuttle carrying the marines

    You might want to halt the AI updates (Tacops Menu/Hold) and then unpause
    it when you're done with the steps below.


    wp#1 - proceed to next : set this one at least 2km outside the base

    wp#2 - deploy team : set this one at least 2km from wp#1 and just inside

    the base

    wp#3 - land : this would be safely outside the base but NOT near the

    cluster of buildings!! If you really want action, put it near a bunker

    or barracks building. heh

  8. Make sure you have fighters prepped and ready for launch
  9. Launch the shuttle
  10. Launch some fighters. And when they launch, give them the order to
    Escort the shuttle. The way I would do it with four fighters is as follows


    FC1 - escort SC1

    FC2 - escort SC1

    FC3 - escort FC1

    FC4 - escort FC2

    This gives FC1/FC2 wingmen to cover their six, while they focus on covering
    the shuttle.

    And make sure that you set their launch weapons profile to CAP or INTERCEPT2.
    To see what missiles are loaded for these, refer to the LOADOUTS.HTML file
    in the appendix data. Or look at the DATALOADOUTS.INI file in the game
    install folder.

  11. Still in Tacops, deploy your AE a few meters from the shuttle's "deploy
    team" waypoint. This way, once you beam down, you will be standing there
    when it comes down. Its kinda cool to watch it land and have all those grunts
    run out the back.

  12. Once they have all been deployed (you are probably under attack by
    hostile forces by now!), they will also be in SAD orders and will probably
    take off (depending on their AI level). You might want to now activate your
    Team Orders Menu (ESC) and then order a few of your marines to escort/defend
    you. You can also use your DIE (set to FMT filter) to pick and choose which
    marines you want to cover you, then give them the order.

    Now move out and go cause some damage. At some point you may want to have
    your fighters go on SAD or SEAD orders. If you gave them CAP weapons profile,
    then they each have 4 ATS missiles to engage SAMs etc.


  1. Waypoints are set on a 2D plane, so make sure you try not to piss
    around by pitching the camera. When in doubt, use the numeric-5 key to
    level the view, then use the Tacops zooming keys (ins/del/home/end etc) to
    zoom in/out etc

  2. Make sure you watch the time zone display in Tacops.
    You deploy them to an mzone that is dark and you'll have more fun, but will
    die (unless you are using the /i commandline cheat for invincibility).

You can also add vehicles to the mix if you like, but remember that they will only engage other vehicles.

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Sweet, learned a couple things reading that.

I hadn't thought of giving FC's orders to escort each other.

Also, I didn't realise the mission orders you gave affected loadout (sorry to have to admit that, yikes!)Still, saves me manually changing the loadout every time!

When I've used the TOM, it never seems to work for marines, only vehicles.. but I must be doing something wrong there.. I'll mess around with it and find out where I'm going wrong.

Is this the start of a series of how-to's? It would be an invaluable source of info on the forum

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Blasted it SC!

You just gave out MY secret to assaulting a base =

*Sigh* now the newbs will surely try this =( The only difference in mine is that I land my CC about 9 KM from the base but everything else is basicly the same (I add vehicles to mine though for extra fun )

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You should write more of these, SC! Though to me, that seems risky and you can lose quite a few marines. My tactic is called "Four Corner Tank Drop." Yep...this one is complicated. Load up your SC's with Wildcats and Mayhems and drop one in each corner each with waypoints at the center of the base, 2 SEAD and 2 SAD. Watch the fireworks, and when enough SAMs are taken down, send in the fighters. After that, send in some infantry to help mop up the remains. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Fun!

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I have to admit.. i'm rather boring. I fly my BC MK3 loaded up with ATS missiles (having 50 in the hold is plenty). Between them and the main gun, the base becomes toast rather quick Also no need for the /i option.

I should try SC's method though, sounds like a blast.

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I tried it twice. The first time was without /i, you're right, big mistake. So I tried again and while I survived just fine , my marines didn't fare so well and were dispatched in about a minute or so.

So I called in my CC to strafe the base for a while. Now THAT was cool.

I think I'll keep trying different strategies, taking out those bunkers is first on my list.

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That's a great idea. I've tried to use a similar tactic as well as the "Four corner tank drop" of Deepfreeze. I run into two problems. 1) My shuttles wont deploy the team and 2) My OC wont engage the enemy. I've seen them drive all the way into the enemy base and circle around designated targets yet never fire a shot. I must be doing something wrong. Perhaps these are related to AI levels. Is there a way to have the OC's hold at a distance from the base and fire at it from a mile or so out? Anyone else have these problems or know where I'm going wrong?

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I've had pretty good luck with marines. I go in first with my AE in an OC and knock out the bunkers. Then transport in marines to knock out the air defences and launch pads followed by FC bombing runs. When you say your OC's "run around and go crazy" do you mean to say they actually lay waste to the base or do they do like mine do and just drive around without shooting. I'll try the SAD wp. thanks for the idea.

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I dont have trouble setting WP and so on, my problem is that my troops are really dump. After my Marines are deployed they are under SAD, but what do they do?! They run to the next SAM or SAL and blast theyr ammo on em away, without doing any damage, if i give em another target than they destroy it and go after the next Sam or SAL which can only be killed with Missiles. Only Assault Marines are a bit good, but when the ammo is out they join the other marines to blast theyr ammo for nothing away.

Now to the Tanks, i deployed 4 Mayem tanks, they go to SAD, drive thourgh the whole base, fire some and there a shot but dont kill anything, only if i wait like 15-30 Minutes than one Building is down. What do i wrong?!

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Shall i post screenshots from it? They allways attack SAL or SAM first (getting stuck at it blasting ammo pointless away, after ammo is out, they just stay at the fixed SAL or Sam pointing the weapons on it) i patched to the latest RC7. I also have a Savedgame with my Battleplan setted up...

DeepFreeze, that exactly what i mean with tanks, first they do near nothing and than after a long time BOOOOM.

Another confusing thing i found is that i cant give any marines order with TOM, only if i go to Tacops and set em manually to escort me, than i have acess to the marines with TOM

[ 03-14-2004, 09:17 AM: Message edited by: Darkreaver1980 ]

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I have had fun devising this plan of attack.

I am open to objective criticism and opinion, but every commander is different and depending on your own tactical brain, this may seem tedious or time consuming. Given the nature of the game, i think the later is justified.

Taking out the bunkers, launch pad and Early warning radar helps your fighters to level the base without to much hassle from the ground or air. To do this i prep my marines and send them and my AE to a shuttle. I then send a contingent of prepped marines to the transporter. I prep my fighters and using the same waypoint method SC has devised i get them ready for launch. I deploy the shuttle and fly to a pre-designated waypoint over 20 clicks from the base and fly in real low, in order to stay under search radar. Land about 2 clicks out from the base, designate said targets using the P key, deploy my marines and from the CREW menu and order them to attack designated targets. In order to stop my marines from getting blasted by enemy, I go to the TACOPS screen and transport the waiting marines to a point not for from the C&C building (which seems to be the place from where a majority of the enemy ground forces appear from, and under SAD orders) and watch my transported marines take care of business. I prefer to lead from the front so i usually find myself dying, (i find using cheats to easy and dissatisfying) but you can safely command all your troops from the shuttle. Once your marines have destroyed these objectives, The transporter crew can be EVACed, and the shuttle crew RTB. Give these orders in conjunction with ordering your fighters to launch and RESUME WAYPOINT order. Once they get planetside you can order them to attack any craft or structure using TACOPS or the priority list TAB key in support units mode. Then sit back and watch your your guys attack. For extra firepower in the air, i like to steal any Enemy fighter and help my pilots out. Good hunting.

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I don't know if this is offical Galcom strategy but I love to transport myself to the top of some tall building or other then order in a couple of marines to blow something up.

Then I get to act as sniper to cover my guys

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Originally posted by GaryW:

I don't know if this is offical Galcom strategy but I love to transport myself to the top of some tall building or other then order in a couple of marines to blow something up.

Then I get to act as sniper to cover my guys

Yep; I do that too. Its all about being creative.

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