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Intruders Tip


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True and verified.

Are you dudting about the speech of a higher rank officer Ensign?!..... J/K....hehe..

Nope, just never paid close enough attention to those details before Denny...was just glad to get them OFF MY SHIP

Reciently I tried this though, and it seems to help out sometimes (NOT every time...just when intruders are making for a way off the ship overall)

When you get intruders (along with making sure the launch controls off)...have about half your Marines goto the shuttles, and watching in Tacscan, when they're about to get to those shuttles...put them back into search mode...seems to get more Marines into the areas around the launch bays and have their OWN kind of party, and not let the intruders think of leaving.

If done right, them nasty intruders are either dead, captured, or trying to make way to the Medibay...where....OOPS...they still end up running a gauntlet there (kinda like watching my wife try to fix her computer....it just ends up REEEEAL bad)

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