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Manual for Attacking Planetary Bases

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I spendet the last three days to assault military bases, this manual is for beginners as for advanged users. This Manual also includes one of the most effective way to destroy an entire enemy Base.


Chapter I.

Knowing your Enemy:

Its important to know, that every Unit/Building has its own Armorplating, there are three types of it.

High Armor: These buildings are practicaly non destructable by small arms or heavy guns. Only Missiles are able to damage a building with this armortype

Medium Armor: This Armortype absorbs completly small arms, but heavy guns and Missiles are able to penetrate it

Low Armor: Only with thin armor covered, it can be destroyed by any weapon


List of enemy Buildings/Units


Armor Type: Heavy

Function: Commandcenter

Launch Pad

Armor Type: Heavy

Function: Launches Fightercrafts to engage your Units


Armor Type: Heavy

Function: Holds a medium number of Infantry


Armor Type: Medium

Function: Holds a large number of Infantry


Armor Type: Medium

Function: Command of enemy Troops

Comms Building

Armor Type: Medium

Function: Communication between enemy Units

Fuel Tank/Supply Depot

Armor Type: Medium

Function: Storage

Nuclear + Solarplant

Armor Type: Medium

Function: Powersupply

Fixed SAM + SAL

Armor Type: Medium

Function: Destroying of enemy Aircrafts

STO Silo

Armor Type: Medium

Function: Able to launch Missiles to enemy Ships in Orbit


Armor Type: Medium

Function: Detects enemy Units = Response time decreased

Area Defense Shield

Armor Type: Medium

Function: Provides a protective shield for surrounding Buildings

All Ground Vehicles + Gunships

Armor Type: Low

Function: Destroying of enemy Units


Only Units with the same Firepower or higher than the armor of the Building can kill it. Remember, heavy Firepower means the use of Missiles!

Command Craft (Carrier, Cruiser)

Firepower: Heavy, Guns = Medium


Firepower: heavy, Guns = Medium


Firepower: none


Firepower: Medium


Firepower: Heavy, Guns = Medium

Marines, exept Assault Force Marines

Firepower: Low

Assault Force Marines

Firepower: High


Chapter II.

Prepare for Combat

First, warp to a Planet, you should arrive at 150km from it. Put your CC on Autopilot and issue following Command:

Command Craft --> Orders --> Halt

Now your ship will never leave this position, so you have all the time to plan a Attack.

We now have to Assign Personal, to do this, activate Tactical --> Crew, if your Marines are not prepared for Combat than do this, or they will be sitting ducks. After theyre ready to deploy send 5-10 Soldiers + all Assault Force Marines to Shuttlecraft 1. Order the remaining Marines to Man 4 GroundVehicles (OC, in each one Marine)

Make the same with the remaining Shuttles 2-4.(again, one Marine in each Shuttle)

Next, go to Tactical --> Loadout --> FC1

Unload all Missiles and give it 5-7 ATS and 3-5 ATA, repeat until youre done with FC 2 - 4.

Now, activate Perscan and be sure that all personal are in theyr destinated crafts.

Next Step, activate Tacops, zoom on the Planet and click on Observe, you now see a Map from the Planet with several Missionzones. Pick one DAY Missionzone which is hostile to you, then click again on a Militarybase, you should now see every Building that the base have.


Chapter III.

Setting up a massive Attack:

Our Attack will countain 4 Fightercrafts + 4 Groundvehicles and a good Pack of Marines.

First we have to order the Shuttles to fly down to the selected Base, to do this we must place a WP 5-10 KM away from the Base with the Order: "Proceed to Next".

Zoom all the way out, while still viewing on the Base, than click on Waypoints --> SC1 --> Add --> SetPos and place a WP 5-10 KM away from the Base, do the same with SC 2-4. This will be the entry point in the Planet for our Shuttles.

Now its time to destinate the Dropoff Waypoints for our Vehicles, again, select SC1, this time zoom in so you can see all Buildings, click on --> Add --> Deploy Vehicle --> SetPos and place it 3-5 KM away from the Base (this is really important, Tanks which we deploy needs some space between the target, or they dont shot) Do the same with SC 2-4.

Remember that we sent our Marines to SC1?! Now we have to deploy them, select SC1 --> Add --> Deploy Team --> SetPos, place it right in the Base, but at least 2 km away from the "Deploy Vehicle WP"

We also use Fightercrafts, so we need WP┬┤s for em, click on FC1 --> Add --> Wait for Instructions, place it 10-20 Km from the Base away. This means they stay at a save distance to the base, waiting for orders. FC 2-4 need also the same WP, place it.

Now we have a full Battleplan, Shuttles will fly to the Planet, deploy Vehicles + Marines, while Fighters will wait at a save distance for instructions.


Chapter IV.


In the previous Step, we setted up a Battleplan which is very versatile. It depends on how well the Base is defended, as on how many Bunkers + Anti FC Defenses are in. We assume that the base has a strong Antifighter defense so it would be the best to deploy our Tanks + Troops first, which take out the Launchpad and SAL+SAM Units.

While still in Tacops, viewing the enemy Base, click on --> Command --> Shuttles --> Order --> All --> Launch

Voila! Our Shuttles now heading down to the Planet, deploying our Vehicles + Marines.

After all Troops are deployed, press on HOLD at Tacops, time is now paused...

Lets pick the targets, which are a Threat to our Fighters, zoom in until you see all Buildings, than click at the Vehiclepad --> Add to Priority List, do the same with all SAL + Sam Buildings/Vehicles.

Now we order our Tanks + Marines to attack the units in the Priority List.

Click on Vehicles ---> 1 (Thats now OC 1) --> Attack --> Priority List --> Pick a target from the list which has Medium or lower Armor. Do the same with OC 2-4.

Zoom in on your deployed Marines, search your Assault Force Marines from them (the guys with a Missilelauncher) click on it ---> Orders --> Attack --> Priority List --> Launchpad, do the same with all remaining Assault Force Marines. Last Step, assign 5 Marines to cover your Assault Force Marines, click on it --> Orders --> Escort --- Support Units --> Click on your AssaultMarine, do this with 5 different Marines. Order the remaining Marines to engange SAM&SAL Vehicles, in the same way like you did with your Assault Marines.

Ok, that was enought work, press on Hold again and watch the show!

After a few Minutes, the Launchpad should be destroyed and severall SAM+SAL too. Time to launch our Fighters! Click on --> Command --> Fighters --> ALL --> Launch. After our Fighters are at the WP, waiting for instructions, pick again new targets and add them to the priority List, you should also include Bunker + Barracks, so our groundtroops will survive longer, then order the fighter to destroy it, like the same way you did this with your OC.

Now the enemy Base will have be greatly reduced in Size

Add all remaining Units/Building into the Priority List and order your units to Attack them (watch that your troops dont have order to attack a target with higher Armor level than its firepower!)


Chapter V.

After Action Report & discussion

Veteran Players will notice, that my Setup hasnt any SAD Waypoints for the Vehicles or Fightercrafts.

Vehicles: If you give them SAD or SEAD, than they are switching constantly though the targets, which prevents them to fire. Also note, that Vehicles need at least 1km distance to the target, to be effective

Marines: SAD on Marines is the worst what you can do, currently they are getting stuck at attacking Targets with higher Armorlevel than its Firepower

Assault Marines have also difficults to destroy any target, they just stop or running around its target, without shooting it, you can temporary fix it by ordering it to attack a other target, but this is time consuming. I would suggest you stick with ATV or APC Mk2 to destroy heavy armor buildings, marines are still good vs low armor units, but nothing else.

Fightercrafts: SAD works really good, but to take out a Launchpad you need heavy firepower, strike is only a one hit&run order, so only with Attack, it will continue to Attack its Target until destroyed.

For Beginners i suggest that you pick a base which have a weak defense, there are bases out which have 4-6 Bunkers + Barracks + 6-10 Gunships, many SAM+SAL etc, dont try this, if you doing it your first time.

Best Vehicle to trash a base: ATV / APC MK2, they destroy a Launchpad in under 10 seconds if they have Missiles loaded

Fastest Way to destroy a whole base in 20 Seconds:

Buy an OTS

Have fun

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very nice research, will have to try it

how many games let u make up full blown battle plans?

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Assault Force Marines have realy Problems to kill anything. If i order them to shot at a Bunker, than they start running and shooting 3-5 missiles (missed it), after reaching the Bunker they only runs circles around it, without firing. If i order my Assault Marine to destroy a fixed Sam than it runs again and shot 3-5 missiles, which misses all (?!) after it has reached the SAM than it just stops and do nothing....

i updatet my Manual to notice this

If you ask me, Marines in Groundassault are really worse broken, SAD dont work and the AI do really wierd stuff

[ 03-16-2004, 02:18 PM: Message edited by: Darkreaver1980 ]

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just a thought tanks would be just as effective (and less vulnerable an assualt force marine is good but can you really afford losing one to sniper fire? there are only so few of them even with a stormcarrier as a CC) with taking down bunkers and SAM sites seeing as the only oppisition the AI would use against ground forces are marines and an occasional turret or two but those won't be much of a problem .

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Thats true, try to assault a base with ATV/APC MK2 (on Violon, Battlecruiser MK2, Nightstar etc) its much more easyr, but if you dont have Groundvehicles which have missiles, than youre stuck to your Assault Force Marines. Also note that tanks have problems to hit other vehicles and small targets, so your Marines would be much better to destroy them.

Fighters = Attack Bunkers, Barracks, all big Buildings

Tanks = Crush Basedefense Turrets and all Buildings with Medium Armor

Marines = Take out all Vehicel

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