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Another way to assault a planetary base


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Go into orbit around the planet, and give your CC a halt order.

Move a small contingent of Marines to the transporters, not too many though (you'll see why later). I recommend at least one Engineer Marine.

Beam the Marines down to the planet near a SAM site and order them to destroy it. As soon as the site is destroyed (should only be a few seconds), evacuate all the marines you have on the ground A.S.A.P. or they will be slaughtered by enemy troops. Then repeat as nessesary to destroy all SAM sites at the base.

Once the SAM sites are down, set a waypoint for your FCs around the base with a patrol order. You can also move your AE to an FC and join them. Once the FCs arrive, they will be able to make air superiority. And, if you are joining them, you can also make strafing runs on the base and have a turkey shoot against ground troops.

Once you have air superiority, feel free to move down as many Marines and OCs as nessesary via shuttles to completely overrun the remaining forces.

You can also use this strategy to capture one base and then use that base as a staging area for attacking other bases in the mission zone.

Note: doesn't work very well against naval units .

Also note that when I use this, I normally end up with most of their ground units (tanks, etc) still intact; very helpful if you're preparing for a long ground campaign.

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