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On December 4th, 2006, we announced a new aerial/space combat action series which was spawned from our existing and emerging game technologies. At the time, we envisioned the series as being focused on a single aspect of gameplay for both the PC and XBox 360.

During negotiations with various parties, we ended up splitting the series in order to cater to our different audiences across platforms. The end result is that the series has now been split into specific episodic genres. Imagine, if you will, the different aspects of the popular sci-fi series, Star Trek.

Galactic Command - Echo Squad, is the new name of the original aerial/space action combat title based on the adventures of a group of Elite Force Pilots assigned to the Excalibur carrier. This title will remain a PC exclusive.

We have this week signed an exclusive four episode deal for this title. More info will be announced by the publisher at the upcoming D.I.C.E. summit in Las Vegas.

GALCOM:ES is on schedule for release in Q2/07.

Galactic Command - Bravo Team is an fps only title based on the adventures of a team of elite marines assigned to a planetary starbase. It is also episodic and features some of our emerging technologies, including a heavily revamped terrain engine which uses SpeedTreeRT. More info and shots will be revealed this Summer, as well as additional info on what platforms it will be released on.

GALCOM:BT is on schedule for release in Q4/07.

Galactic Command - Excalibur. Similar to "Echo Squad", this title is also episodic and focuses on the Excalibur command carrier and the combat pilots assigned to it. This title will remain an XBox 360 exclusive.

GALCOM:EX is on schedule for release in Q2/08.

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