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BattleStar Galactica

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I enjoyed the show over the years. The ending was alright, but it did leave some lingering unanswered questions for me. :D


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I've never watched the old series of battlestar galactica, but I just falled in love with the newer...

I think this is a perfect merge of scifi and human drama , with dark atmosphere and cool scenes.

I love the "poor" technology in this remake, such as NO shields on battleships, NO lasers, NO exotic weapons...

just, missiles, bullets, and nuclear warheads.

Even the smoking people aboard the bsg are so "true" people, the launch system very similar to the actual

carriers is real cool.

Well I loved this fiction, and ( please don't shoot at me for what i am about to say =) ) Every time I play

Universal Combat, I'm dreaming to be like Husker :santasliegh:

Actually, UC is the only videogame that gives me the feeling to be a real starship commander, and I love this game for it!


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2 more words just to say that the official "videogame" of battlestar galactica, is simply.................... :santasliegh:

I wonder if one day the battlestar fans could ever play a real spaceship simulator game like UC, settled in the bsg scenario....

that would be THE ultimate videogame!

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