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Night at the Movies - Underworld


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Dunno, Maybe I'm in a weird mood but it seemed they hung the story on action scenes. It wasn't quite coherent enough for me. They built it up nice while feeding you bits and peices of the story but it just didn't quite hang together well.

Still a good movie.

Gore? Please.

Knife wounds that drip blood.

The powerful werewolf was able to expel some silver bullets.

The werewolf doctor pulling the ninja star things out of the big black guy.

Maybe I'm just not squeamish. The worst part was at the end.


(pass the flame retardent suit please)

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I saw it and found it quite enjoyable. I really didn't go in with too many expectations actually.

The story, I thought, was just fine - but maybe its because I get it. It is the sort of movie where if you don't follow it or listen to all the dialogue - CAREFULLY - you're definitely going to miss a lot of stuff that makes the storyline coherent.

The only part I found particularly gory was the death of Viktor. But I was prepared for that I think. The entire theatre stirred at that; which is quite uncommon I thought.


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Awesome movie...

I just saw it a second time last night and the whole thing clicks.

Not an over the top action Vampire vs Werewolf thing... great storyline. The number of action scenes were just right and well done.

I felt weird the first time I saw it probably because I was not expecting a plot and storyline

Terrific movie. See it twice if it does not sink in. 10/10

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Great movie, really enjoyed it. Of course alot of it seemed familiar, of course then I read this.

Article 1

Article 2

I have been a fan of white wolf products for years, even though I am not to sure if you would call it infringement on there products, that seems to be a bit sketchy. There are parts that are dead ringers...

I would however say the main script is a take off of the "Love of Monsters" short story, I read it a ways back and I do believe sony is going to have problems proving otherwise, should be interesting either way.

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Yup, internal organs is definite gore. And this is going to be gross but I've seen dead animals on the side of the road (we kill a lotta possums down here) with more meat hanging out of them than some of those dismembered bodies which were hidden in the shadows for the most part.

I was dissappointed you never really got a good look at the werewolves. Seemed a lot like Aliens in that respect.

A good story should flow as a languid river in my opinion. As you add more elements, whether it be characters, additional info, conflicts, or subplots the river should gain breadth, depth, or speed correspondingly. This movie is like one of those fountains with multiple bowls. The little boy (or girl) is pouring the water into the first bowl (the first action scene) and the water wallows around in that for a bit before descending a short waterfall (storyline, info) into the next big bowl. Derek is right, if you don't pay attention you'll miss it but it seemed to me the bowls were too deep and the waterfalls too short.

Just one "reviewer's" opinion. I'm not knocking the movie too terribly bad but it wasn't quite up there with Blade or The Matrix.

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