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Movie Afternoon - Final Fantasy : TSW

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The sitter was off sick today. So I decided to take the afternoon off to rest and hang about with the baby.

One of my activities, was to go see this movie.


Thats all am gonna say at this time. Expect more commentary once I've seen it again this weekend....with the missus

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Absoulutly The ULTIMATE new standard in CGI work. The technical visual quality in this movie will blow your mind. ANYONE who loves cgi, animation, anime, or sci-fi owe it to them selfs to go see this movie this week (this is a big screen must). It...it just makes me insane thinking about how insane the artist must have been to put out such a meticulusly crafted piece of work. I mean DAMN! IT SO FREAKIN REAL looking. I do 3-d as a hobby these days and use to do it professionally. I have also worked with what I thought to be some of the best in the industry (better re-evalutate that thought). I totally understand what it takes to make such a movie and it hurts my head thinking about it. I'm surprised that none of the texture artist didn't kill them selfs..or kill their art director. Truly gotta see it to believe it. The only thing that breaks the illusion is that half the time the animation for facial movments just doesn't seem quite right...but then there are times it is sooo dead on...its errie to see and realize damn, we can simulate ANYTHING. In a few more years you won't even know whats simulated and whats real..freaky thought.

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Here is an exerpt from the July edition of CGW that gives you an Idea of the processing power it took to create this film:

"Square Pictures' 1,160-CPU rendering farm was custom built for the movie. It includes 960 933MHz Pentium III systems with 768MB of RAM each, plus 150 Silicon Graphics Origin 200 systems with 4GB of ram each."


"Even the hair-thought to be one of the most difficult things to create in CG-flows and moves beautifully, thanks to the 60,000 to 70,000 individually controlled strands of hair placed by the artist."

"Each frame has twice the resolution of HDTV, and contains a whopping 10mb of data. At 24frames per second, the entire flick takes up roughly 1,350 gigabytes of hard drive space."

Thats just part of the article, but it give some idea of what it took to make this film. Ummm sounds pretty impresive. Cant wait to see it this weekend.

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I felt like this movie was the direct result of having 4,000 artists and no writer...


I HATED the plot. I felt like I was watching a really mature GI Joe episode. Not to mention blatent rip offs from nearly every Alien movie and a few other sci-fi's, and what was with them stealing a line from The Rock? "Stand DOWN Captain!" I almost thought it was a pirated sample.

Then there's the "funny guy" ...omg I was happy when his screen time was cut short.


***End Spoilers***

Visualy it's the best movie I've ever seen. The 3-D rendering was beyond incredible, every other aspect of this movie was way to 1-D for me though...

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Well, compared the stories to some of the other big sci-fi over the last couple of years, this one is pretty good.

~~semi spoilers~~

The comic relief got what it deserved before it got annoying....the love aspect got curbed where it should have. Independance Day...a lameass hero commerical, Armeggedon didn't do this, it kept BOTH the comedy and love aspects to an all time annoying high.....Pitch Black, while good, was more a blatent Aliens rip off than this will ever be.

At least they put an interesting backround to the creatures in this flick. And for god's sake, at least the "villian" had convictions and was not some mindless sadist. I mean, Lucas should take a look at this. This story had a lot more substance than say...uh..Phantom Menace (which I really felt was Lucas just showing what he can do with his money). While the story was not perfect in this movie, it had some glimmers of creativity I have not seen in a while.

Of course, this is just my opinion, I could be wrong.

[ 07-14-2001: Message edited by: Korono Lakeela ]

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Yes visually this movie is stunning, just mindblowingly incredible. No doubt about that, and for any of you thinking about seeing it realize that your going to hate it if you go for the story. Think of it more like an IMAX experience. Just pure eye candy, best tasting ever.

As for the story used in the movie, anyone that knows their anime, will know that this story is very simular in plot to a well known japanese classic known as "Princess Monokae" by Hizao Miazake (ok im really bad at spelling here). Frankly "Princess Monokae" and "Nausiscaa" tell the story much much better. The basis for the story is pure japanese folklore...perhaps not the best choice for average American viewers.

side note: Interesting how Native American beliefs are simular to some of the beliefs shown in this japanese story.

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Hmmm... I've seen Princess Mononoke and I didn't notice any similarities between them. Then again I only saw each one once...

I just kept noticing the lines from other movies esp Aliens. For instance there's a very not-so-cleverly disguised rip off of the "Have you ever been mistaken for a man?" scene that had me groaning.

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Saw it last night. Here's my take:

First off, I'm starting with the plot. It was great, considering I'm used to the world of Final Fantasy, and am used to Japanese games and stories.

Then again, there were the similarities with many things. Most of them were listed above, but I'll add some in. Spoilers may be ahead.

First, the big dome cities reminded me of "Big O". Even though I hated that series, I still know my anime when I see it.

Second, there were the several similarities to Final Fantasy 7 in the movie. First thing I noticed: the "bad guy" wanting to fire his super high tech, huge cannon, at the enemy (FF7-Hojo, Diamond Weapon; FF:TSW-General, Phantom Hive). The other thing I noticed, was that the "Spirit of Gaia" had so many similarities to lifestream, both in looks, and storyline. I guess its just because of it's home in Japanese folklore.

Then there was Dr. Sid. Of course most of you know that there has been a Cid/Sid in every Final Fantasy Game since FF2 (US).

Now, to the graphics. It was wonderful! I could almost swear it was real. Go see it for yourself.

In conclusion, it's a great movie for Final Fantasy fans, and for Japanese gaming fans, too.


Two Thumbs Up

[ 07-14-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Nova ]

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*Nuthin but SPOILERS*

Cool movie, sad&happy ending...

True there was victory in the end, but when you look at the cost, was it really a victory?

Like many anime based plots and endings... never a happily ever after without a little blood shed and destruction of a few main characters.

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Heh... I liked the movie, the graphics were outstanding! I liked the plot IMO. It was based on Japanese Folklore (like you already know)that everything has a spirit and that when you die you join the big spirit of the earth, i.e. Guia(sp?)

As for some off the rip offs from other movies.. I agree, but what about some of its originality?

*spoiler* The love scene in zero gravity? c'mon I havn't seen that in any movie so far.. LOL!

As for everyone dieing... I liked that "funny guy" LOL!

All in all it was a good movie and I will go see it again...

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Thinking about seeing it tonight (or whenever I get a chance).

FWIW, proper spellings (no criticism intended, BTW): Hayao Miyazaki, Princess Mononoke, and Nausica├ñ (umlaut on that final "a", in HTML that's ä ). If FF:TSW is being compared to that film and those books (I own PM on video and Nausica├ñ in books, loved them both), I know I'm going to like it.

Oddly enough, the in preview clips I've seen for it a few of the orange flying aliens reminded me of the flying insects from Nausicaä's world. Coincidence? Maybe I'll have an answer soon...

Hey Harlocke, I'm guessing you're an anime fan from your handle, eh?

[ 07-16-2001: Message edited by: Joel Schultz ]

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It had everything you associate with Final Fantasy, but there are 3 basic things you need, that the movie only had two of...

There were airships (Ok, VTOLs and spaceships, but they fill the job)

There was a guy named Sid/Cid

But...nomatter where I looked, or how much I payed attention, or how many times I watch the movie (twice so far), I could not see one, neither hide nore feather, of ANY CHOCOBOS!! AAAAARRRGG!!!!

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