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Movie Afternoon - Final Fantasy : TSW

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hmmm, I saw it again, and all I have to say is this, the movie was overall but it could have been so much better, the only reason it wasn't as good as it should have been was because of... Hironobu Sakaguchi's direction of the film, this movie is directed like the stereotypical science fiction episode we might see parodied on late night comedy shows – Sakaguchi's handling and blocking of many sequences is undynamic, and rarely pulls us into the drama, into the action, or into the moment. It feels like a video game cut scene, leaving us to watch the eye candy...

This film struggles to convey deep thoughts and cosmic meanings, but it's ultimately cold and heartless (accentuated by Sakaguchi's clunky direction), and is sometimes little more than an protracted series of science fiction conceits and clich├®s. Leaving us to watch the eye candy...

The filmmakers seem to have mistaken visual substance for narrative substance. A frequent, but catastrophic, misstep in films of this kind.

Thats all.... to bad tho...


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