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What are your favorite movies of all time?


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Here's a few of my all-time favorite movies, in no particular order.

Die Hard

Ben Hur

Leathal Weapon

Star Trek II: The Wraith of Khan

Star Wars IV: A New Hope



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Guest Grayfox

hmmm heres my list:

Army of Darkness (go figure)

Saving Private Ryan

The Running Man

Return of the Jedi

The Thing (both versions)

Where Eagles Dare

ST2: The Wrath of Kahn

every bruce lee movie ever made

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Heheh, nice lists.

Cats (On DVD, and yes, I mean that musical)

ST2-The Wrath of Khan

ST First Contact

2001: A Space Odyssey

Fantastic Voyage (Very cool!)

Yellowbeard (Hysterical)

Run Silent, Run Deep

Silent Running (70's space/ecological movie)

Planet of the Apes (Original, not that new one)

Alien (surprised no one else put this one...)


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The Thin Red Line


City of Lost Children

Spaceballs (lol)

History of the World


Clan of Cave Bear

Truman Show (only Jim Carey movie worth watching imo)

La Estrategia del Caracol

Wizards (old)

The Last Unicorn (old)

LEXX movies

All Kurosawa's movies.

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Bad Boys



Saving Private Ryan

Red Dawn

American Pie 2

Enemy at the Gates

Star Wars (all of em)

Star Trek (all but I and V)


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Independance Day

The Matrix

Most Star Trek Movies

All Star Wars but Ep. 1 (liked, but not a fav)

Random Godzilla movie(barring the Rolland Emerich one)

Ladyhawke(whoo hoo, thought I was the only one)

Back to the Future

All Kevin Smith (Mallrats the most)

Final Fantasy (so fricken sue me, I like the thing)

Bad Boys (thanks $iLk for reminding me)

Fight Club

And, most of what's already been listed (I'm easy to please, I guess)

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Amarcord (all Fellini movies)

Dictator (all Chaplin movies)

Rocky Horror Show ( )

2001: A Space Odyssey

Rear Window (all Hitchcock movies)

Star Wars (not ep 1)


Raging Bull

Casablanca (most of the Bogart movies)

Indiana Jones (all three)

Woodstock (so call me an old fart if you like )

Nosferatu (original)

Spinal tap

Naked Gun (all two and a half )

Tuntematon sotilas (Unknown Soldier)(the original from 1955)

Once again I could go on and on...

The list is endless and in no particular order.

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The Excorsist (it's the only movie that can still scare me.)


Better Off Dead

Sixteen Candles

What's Eating Gilbert Grape

The Crow

Interview With a Vampire

Star Wars (all) the first movie I ever saw in a Drive-In

Steel Magnolia's

Terms of Endearment (what can I say I am a chick)

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Pink Floyd The Wall


The Never Ending Story

The Outsiders


That's all I can think of right now. I could watch these over and over and never tire of it.

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The Highlander ( original one)

Conan the Barbarian

Lord of the Rings (newest one)

Wizards ( the cartoon movie)

Dead Poet's Society


Any Monty Python Movie

Any Pink Panther Movie with Peter Sellers

Heavy Metal (original)

Raising Arizona

The Godfather

Apocalypse Now

Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Resevoir of Dogs

Barbarella ( man she was hot back then)

Spinal Tap


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The Thin Red Line

Blade Runner:director's cut

The Vanishing (The Dutch/french one, not the silly american vrap version.

The Excorcist

Wild Zero

Dr. Strangelove

Full Metal Jacket



Run Lola Run



Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Star Treck 2

Star Wars (all of the original ones)

Blawk Hawk Down

In The Name of the Father


Das Boot




The Hunt for Red October

Death to Smoochie

Battle Royale

The Life of Brian

Lord of the Rings

Ghost Dog

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My favorites have all been mentioned, except for my all time favourite movie:

"The Big Lebowski"

I'd also have to add "Dr. Strangelove, Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb" to the list.


[ 04-20-2002, 18:54: Message edited by: Fractux ]

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Man, I was surprised to see that some of you guys like movies on my top 10. Especially City of Lost Children. I didn't think anybody else even knew about that movie!

1. Moulin Rouge!

2. Snatch

3. Death to Smoochie

4. Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

5. Fight Club

6. Vanilla Sky

7. City of Lost Children

8. Evil Dead 2 Dead by Dawn

9. Army of Darkness

10. Contact

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BTW, Fellowship of the Ring has a good shot at my Top 10 provided that the DVD really is FIVE AND HALF HOURS long... including all of that oh-so-obviously-cut-at-the-last-minute footage.

11. The Abyss (Special Edition ONLY)

12. Ever After

13. Run Lola Run

14. Kung Pow: Enter the Fist

15. The Thing (John Carpenter)

*16. Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring

[ 04-21-2002, 16:25: Message edited by: Scrivener ]

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