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Coming Attraction: Lord of the Rings


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Oh, the horror, the sorrow, the terror, the joy, the relief, the need to see the Two Towers!

Not since I first read the Fellowship 21 years ago have I felt such emotion for this beloved tale. I am emotionally exhausted.

There were only three major disappointments.

  1. My biggest gripe is that I have to wait another year for The Two Towers and another year after that for The Return of the King.
  2. I miss Glorfindel, if you know the tale well you'll know what I mean.
  3. There is one specific line missing from the Prancing Pony (actually it's an entire scene).

Evenso, move over Star Wars - this is the best movie I've ever seen.

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Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr:

aha!!! I knew I wasn't losing my mind. You noticed that too huh?

That and a few others:

The party tree wasn't lit with enough lanterns, "Gandalf, what's the elvish word for friend?" and others but they aren't worth mentioning as they don't really detract from the film. Even the Glorfindel/Arwen thing is passable but to cut that one scene is nearly unforgivable. But the rest of the show is so spectacular that it's forgivable.

PS...I first read LotR when I was nine (same time I read Beowulf) and reread them nearly once a year since then. I noticed.

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Beowulf is the only thing better than Lord of the Rings and even then, only the Seamus Heaney translation. I will of cours reserve judgment until my knowledge of old english becomes complete enough to read it in the original.

Anyway, I'm an Englsih lit major, and consquently a nerd and purist, so I wasn't even going to go and see the movie until for fear of what they'd done to the story. Then I found out Ian McKellan is in it. Nothing Ian McKellan is in can be bad (except apt pupil). Ian McKellan is the only man to ever walk the earth that could make Richard III a better character than he already was. What awsome actor.

Anyway, I can't wait until I get a chance to see the film.

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A lot of things are missing; three strands of hair, that one scene @ The Prancing Pony, the pad at Brandywine, a dwarf taken with the beauty of an elvish lass.

But I likes it

Six thumbs up on the Balrog!

Fly Fools!!

A year is tooooo long to wait for The Two Towers


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