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How Hollywood is giving Britain a false sense of history

Epsilon 5

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Could you believe that?


The next time you create a thread which references and article in which you change the subject (to something foolish like this "Hollywood making brits dumber ..")material, you will be banned from posting here. I am tired of warning you people about this

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Real events some people believe never took place

Battle of the Bulge 52 per cent

Battle of Little Big Horn Scene of Custer's last stand - 48 per cent

Hundred Years' War 44 per cent

Cold War - 32 per cent

Battle of Hastings, 15 per cent



I wish this survey is wrong because I cant believe this numbers.The hundred years war a fiction?? Batlle of the bulge imaginari???

Now they will come and say Band of brothers tells the history of a company that never existed

Man I thought the education program at schools in my country sucked,but I see we are not the only ones.

The governements should finance games that plays at some part of our history,like Medieval total war(for saying an example) that way perhaps those "confused" people will learn what the 100 years war was.Im sure 60% of them thinks Juana de Arco is a fictional figure.Hell

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Reading this article, is really depressing. I can say;however, "it really does'nt surprise me".

This is the 'Age of Information'. And mostly DIGITAL information. The downside to this, is that much of the information is BIASED, and FALSE.

People throughout the world are suffering from the onslaught of information. And are really quite confused as to How to seperate the TRUTH from that which is presented as truth.

My brother and I, had a very heated arguement some months back, concerning a FACT which we both were very sure of. After some weeks of pushing it back and forth, we Finally decided it was time to dig up the TRUTH.

We BOTH found reliable evidence, from respectable sources, reinforcing our own position to be absolute. We had to decide to find out which was TRUTH;at what point in time, and by who. Finally, we BOTH had to concede.

We were BOTH right in our assumptions of having the real FACT; yet, we were both WRONG in that either answer was "THE FACT". NO ONE KNEW!!, but only speculated they knew, and presented their speculations as FACT.

The Information Age?....I say, the "Mis-Information Age."

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Quite funny to read, but does anyone really believe that the Battlestar Galactica story is true? I think not..

The questioner's in this poll obviously didn't care if the answer was crank or not.. it all helps to get their story into the headlines.

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If we learn nothing from the mistakes of our history, then we are doomed to repeat them.

Frightening thought, huh?

Now, THAT is a piece of TRUTH, which needs only observation, concerning the present STATE of the world, to be validated.

And, YES: "quite frightening" (maybe, we should try that prosaic, over 35% of our American population is addicted to.....). NOT!!!

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