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Night At The Movies - City of God


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I hate 90% of the movies I see. That number jumps up to 99.99% of the movies that are on the hunny-do list. You know...girlfriend comes home "Hunny, look I rented the Nell directors cut". That never works out. Usually I find myself in the dog house for making fun of movies that she really likes.

Last night she noticed that some flick called "City of God" was on. It's a foreign film made by a bunch of Brizillians and entirely subtitled from it's Portuguese audio. I wasn't looking forward to the film.

Premise is made clearly: Bunch of kids grow up in the ghetto and end up involved in a cycle of violence. Still...I'm not impressed. Sounds like a bunch of liberal propoganda to me (as, I find I can brush off a lot of movies like that, and be right regularly)

But holy poop if this isn't the best movie I've seen in a _very_ long time. The characters are all intriguing. Once you figure out that you're watching them progress and bumping into them again throughout the film, you find yourself in kind of a slum soap opera.

The film uses the gimmick of a lot of David Fincheresque high speed cuts and flashbacks. He does it in almost the exact same way as Fincher, only in this film it doesn't feel quite so contrived and cheap.

The film is punctuated by some of the most intense violence I've ever seen on a screen. And when I say intense, I'm not talking about sleezy hollywood crap, I'm talking about some good ol' fashioned Stan Kubrick violence. That kind thing that's going to burn into your memory forever.

Overall: I loved it. Of course, she hated it because she was hoping a Brazillian redux of Amilie or something.

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