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Movie - Happy Feet

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Surprisingly amazing film... horribly, horribly mismarketted, however. I wasn't going to touch this movie. Not now, not ever. But my brother and his girlfriend have been wearing me down for two weeks to see this, I even made them buy the ticket.

It's actually a little disturbing - and the movie has two endings like AI. The first is the Kubrick ending. It's bloody brilliant - but it would make babies cry so they tacked on another 10 minutes for a happy feely totally illogical ending. But then again, it IS a movie about singing, dancing penguins... I just think the downer ending would have been a much more effective commentary on the movies core issues (politics, conformity, religion, environmental conservation).

Oh yeah, it's generally a very mature movie... more akin to Titan A.E. in tone than any of the redundant garbage that Pixar craps out.


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