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Movie - Pan's Labyrinth

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Well, this wasn't quite the movie I was expecting. I thought it would be like a darker/more realistic Alice in Wonderland... but what I got was Tideland 2.

Pan's Labyrinth is a movie about how children fantasize the world around them - regardless of how unfair and cruel the circumstances. It's exactly the same theme as Tideland, which was released earlier this year. This, however, is far more palatable, more fantastic, and FAR less gut-wrenchingly disturbing. The end, however, is every bit as depressing and considerably more surprising than Tidelands.

While this is perfect for the mature 13+ international crowd... content-wise, this is rated R for a reason (at least in the over-protective States) - the real world war parts are treated with the utmost attention to historical accuracy - playing out as part war movie (set during the 1944 Spanish Civil War), and part horror-fantasy. There are plenty of important lessons to found for younger teens who don't mind subtitles... but it's far too scary and disturbing for younger children. The rating is for bloody and very realistic battle sequences - there is nothing wonton or gratuitous about the movie.

In the end, this is definately worth watching if you like a little depth and darkness in your fantasy... especially ones where the point is that the real monsters are people.


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