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PSA - Netflix now lets you watch movies ONLINE!


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So I decided I was going to rent When Harry Met Sally - I was just in the mood, I guess (it was Valentines day... I was lonely)... and lo and behold I see this option that says "Play Now." So I click it... and aparently Firefox doesn't work.

So I start up IE and try again... bada bing bada boom, the movie starts playing right there in my browser! How awesome is that!? So next I watched some Red Dwarf and Orgasmo (a movie by the South Park guys)... all on my computer.

If you already have a subscription, it works like this - for each dollar your subscription costs, you get 1 hour of movie watching (soft limit, so it won't cut you off if your time runs out while your watching something). The list of online content is still a little thin, but at the rate they're adding stuff that won't be a problem for long.

I love the internet.

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