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Movie - War

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The end will throw you a curve ball u didn't see coming.

But what _will_ piss you off (as it did me) is that Jet and Jason only got to tussle once - ONCE - ONCE!! And that was a the END of the movie and it lasted shorter than a pee break with.....you know what, it was _the_ worst part of the movie. You go through the whole movie waiting for a showdown that _never_ happens as in the realms of these two martial artists really pushing some serious moves.

I was _so_ disappointed, I'm docking it 2 points just for that. You can get better action renting one of Van Damme's or Seagal's straight to DVD movies. This end fight was nothing but a cop out because since these two usually play heroes, I guess they didn't one to show up the other, but still.


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