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Racial Profiling - A debate

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Nah what I was originally trying to imply was that predicting one persons future actions base on the race is wrong. As I said before terrorrism can come from all races. Not all Arabs are moslem and not all moslems are Arabs.

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Have a look at the guy, imagine him travelling alone, no luggage, on an airplane, and tell me he wouldn't draw suspicion.

Now imagine the same thing exept the guy on the left (the fbi agent). Tell me which you think would be the more likely terrorist.

NOTE: I didn't say that looks if a terrorist IS or ISN'T a factor, I said that the liklihood of it being a factor are higher.

Imagine those two, side by side, with the evidence you showed in that Yahoo article. Which one would people pick out as the most likely to be the terrorist?

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LOL - so much for the name "Richard Reid" he had:

"Police spokesman said the FBI said his name was Tariq Raja and that he was born August 12, 1973, in Sri Lanka. "

His Islamic name is Abdel Raheem .

Source : CNN

Looks like we have an Islamic terrorist... what was the Yahoo story supposed to imply again?

"Of course, the first thing you're going to think of is something that has to do with terrorism," Dugeon said. He described the man as having light skin, dark curly hair and a mustache and beard. "

Sounds like the profile I would have used... and it would fit this man still.

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Nah what I was originally trying to imply was that predicting one persons future actions base on the race is wrong

Aahhh... I see...

The thing about profiling is that it isn't about one person, it's about statistics. It's about trends. It's about larger populations.

In order to have an average, you have to have some people above the mean and some people below the mean. To single out one person who is several standards of deviation away from the mean as an example that the population is wrong, is to ignore statistics. There will always be extremes to any population. That, in itself, does not invalidate the population.

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Don't take it hard though Fendi, I understand your side of the issue as well.

I believe that although profiling is useful in some instances, in many instances it is not.

This happens to be one particular area of society where I think profiling would do some good. It gets kind of hazy locally to expect police not to act on their own bigoted ends, but given the right education and supervision, I believe that racial profiling could be a minor part of everyday police work.

The importance after all is to preempt crime through the use of deterrence, not to treat law abiding citizens as criminals.

That's the purpose of police using profiling, to simply approach someone who is of a more likely demographic, and even if they can't be proven of doing anything wrong, at least letting them know the police are in the neighborhood. Maybe they are a law abiding citizen - maybe they were preparing to rob a house. In either case, you have made law abiding citizens feel safer, and made criminals think twice.

It's gone too far when the concentration camps start, so don't worry that's not what I'm advocating

I simply agree with Mr William's point at the beginning of this thread.

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