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Debating the UN

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Ok i know im just a kid(16) but i am on my debate team at my school. Next years topic is the UN and whether or not we should give more support to current and future UN peacekeeping operations. I need some help gettng the basics of Debate i have stayed after school to observe some of the Varsity debators but i am still having trouble understand the basics any help would be greatly appreciated

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And no one has answered your question I see.

Well, this is my opinion based upon the history of the UN. Everything the UN has touched has turned into a disaster, from Kosovo, to Somalia, to Iraq, and the oil for food program.

I will see what I can find to give you the information that you need to debate it properly, but the bottom line is that the UN are filled with countries that are A: dictators, B: hate Israel and will do anything to undermine it, and C: Hate the United States and will do whatever they can to undermine what we do.

I would A: pull us completely out of the UN, and put together a coalition of the democratic nations of the world to replace it, dictatorships, communisms and socialisms, need not apply. B: cut off all funding to the UN, of course, and C: kick them out of the country, and take the UN headquarters over as the new headquarters of the new organization.

The UN would die, as it's, major funding was cut, we supply close to 50% of it's cash, and then we would take over most if not all of the organizations that the UN runs as far as it's food for the world programs etc. Most of it's other programs would be gutted and removed.

The food for poor countries would be taken from a give them food type of arrangement, to teach them to grow their food and build prosperous economies program, more along the lines of many of the private charity programs out there.

You can give a man fish, and feed him for a day, or teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.

I will see what I can come up with, but the UN is useless as the organization it is now, and should be dismantled and rebuilt with the democratic nations of the world.

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I was on debate during high school a few years ago.

On the Aff you'll probably want to argue that more money should be given to peacekeeping operations (one case will PROBABLY be give control of Iraq to UN) and that it'll stop terrorism, extremism, increase global cooperation, etc.

On the Neg you'll want to argue (and it's true, probably be a lot more literature on it...neg biased topic) that the UN is inefficient, unhelpful, weak, lack of will, impossible to get consensus to do action, lost in buerocrocy, and as Jag says, a good counterplan position would be to give it all over to a new US lead organization.

You may want to do an Inherency position, but I doubt your coach would approve of it...more of a niche thing for me.

Your Varsity debaters will come back from debate camp next year with a lot of cases, evidence, and positions for you. Any information given on these boards may be helpful to your personal knowledge and to develop arguements/positions/negs/blocks, but most of it won't come in handy inside an actual round.

FYI for people who don't know about policy high school debate:

It's an activity that requires much evidence and research, with many winning positions being counterintuitive and/or liberal. There are Kritiks of thinking and language (aka, the entire topic above is turned into an argument about whether or not the way we speak inside the round causes atrocities in the world), and much speed reading.

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Speaking of the United Nations That Don't Do Squat....

Kofi Annan is trying to steady the boat but I'm not sure if this is the proper movement of ballast....


It's interesting to note the last name on this list of high level panel members is none other than Brent Scowcroft.

Mr Scowcrofts' opinion on the War in Iraq can be perused **Here**

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Ok Dredd i need help understanding Inherency and Topicality. My debate coach has sorta explained it but im kinda not understanding what he means. And ah Kritics im lost but i do know what Hegemony is I think that will be used alot next year from what i Understand. And also i need some if not alot of help understanding blocks. I am new as you can see but my teacher asked me to be on the debate team and i couldnt resist.... What have i goten my self into lol jk

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