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Intelligence incompetence continues...

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U.S. leak "harms al Qaeda sting"

US Intel gathering in disarray...

Talk about stories that need legs. This government and this administration show a reckless disregard for properly venting intel. I swear to god they should have Andy and Barney in charge of the CIA and the FBI at this point. However, in fairness I don't believe the people in charge of the intelligence gathering are to blame for this kind of thing. This is the maneuvering of an Administration that is trying to save face for using terrorism as a motivational tool. I hope that someone pays for leaking this information and for damaging our ongoing WAR on TERROR in this way.

Maybe this guy could have continued to obtain information that might have led to the prevention of the HEAVILY PROMOTED upcoming TERROR ATTACKS that will stop our elections. It is just unbelievable. After the attacks they told us to shop and now instead of saying, "WE WILL HAVE ELECTIONS AND WE WILL MAINTAIN DEMOCRACY," they are scaring the hell out of us and saying that we might have to DELAY Democracy. Whackos.

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Are they scaring you?

Poor Takvah........

Take it with a grain of salt little grasshopper, because the US government ALWAYS prepares for ANY contingency, even invading Canada.

This was a leak to Democratic operatives who went with it. Yes, there is a plan to cancel elections and declare martial law if there are major attacks around the country, but it is ONLY a contingency plan, just as there are contingency plans in case Tesas decides to secede, or Mexico invades Arizona and California, or if we have a major invasion from our neighbors to the north Canada.

AHHHH, it's the Bush administration that said this!!! AHHHHH, The Sky is Falling, the SKY is fallling.........

Also, it takes a lot more then 3 years to straighten out the disaster that CLinton and the Senate created by GUTTING our intelligence agencies, besides the fact that we FINALLY got rid of the moron from the Clinton administration that was doing all he could to sabotage ANY intelligence policies that Bush wanted implemented.

Porter Goss, a one time CIA agent and Intelligence committee chair, KNOWS what change need to be made at the CIA, he wrote a LOT of them, and he is going to implement them as well, so I expect, after he is confirmed, to see MAJOR implementation of parts of the 911 commission report, as well as his own suggestions.

George Tenet was a CLinton Lackey, and did his best to hurt the Bush administration. I think that Bush should have fired him immediately, along with EVERY beaurocrat that Clinton put into the intelligence agencies PERIOD.

CLinton HATED and Loathed the intelligence agencies as well as the military.

Pulling this back together has been a job of MAJOR proportions.

I am amazed that Bush has been able to implement anything, let alone keep us from getting attacked again.

Hopefully with Goss in there, we will get a very intelligent CIA, pardon the pun....

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Originally posted by LostInSpace:

Let's not forget that the presidential wannabe Kerry was also instrumental in dismantaling the intelligence agencies as well.

Aye, but you won't find that in any report.. or new's article for that matter

I'd comment on the link's above but I won't since Takvah and the die-hard liberals here should already know my stance on such so called 'New's Agencies'

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Jaguar, you are so misguided that I think that you have gone from LIAR status to just plain old dumb status.

Dick Cheney was dismantling the military and the intelligence agencies as cost saving measures during the FIRST Bush administration. IT WAS THE TREND OF THE TIME. The Russian threat had been quelled and we didn't have the foresight to see our new enemies. Everything from SDI to human intelligence gathering was being slashed. Dick Cheney wanted to SLASH more than he did but Bush Sr. didn't allow it.

NOW. You want to talk about INTELLIGENCE FAILURE. George Tenet all during CLINTON'S Presidency was being seduced by Ahmed Chalabi with the same BOGUS Intel that he sold G. W. Bush. Strangely enough Clinton didn't bite off on it, nor did Tenet... UNTIL WHEN? Answer me? Oh yeah, until THIS MORON came into office and decided to finish his DADDY'S WAR.

Now what we have done is made it so that Iraq and IRAN can form an alliance. How? Well Chalabi got Rumsfeld and the Pentagon to go along with his STUPIDITY. How? Well Chalabi gave them the stick to beat the dog... BUT THE STICK WAS HOLLOW. At the State of the Union OUR PRESIDENT sat this HUCKSTER Chalabi beside his WIFE! Imagine that, a convicted THIEF (in Jordan) is given a place of honor and the Republicans and this Administration APPLAUD THIS ASSCLOWN at our State of the Union!

You have got to be kidding me Jaguar. You are an embarrassment. You have not a critical thought in your head yet you consider yourself informed. I at least can say that I find Kerry's maneuvering on his viewpoint absurd and disgusting but you can say nothing bad about this President's obvious FAILURES where it concerns this war.

I have got to tell you man. YOUR BOY GOT SUCKERED AND ***** SLAPPED. Iraq will be tighter with IRAN now that they have made the Shiites so powerful. We have UNITED MORTAL ENEMIES that is the ONLY THING we accomplished.

I read another post where you said that we would STOP the Middle East from uniting against us by eliminating the more radical elements and the terrorists. Hello! The Ottoman Empire, the crusades, the Romans... NOBODY HAS EVER WALKED INTO THE MIDDLE EAST AND DONE ANYTHING BUT UNITE THEM IN DESIRING TO REMOVE EMPIRES THAT INFLICT THEIR WILL ON THEM.

You call yourself a student of HISTORY! You are unbelievably naive.

WE SCREWED THE POOCH. YOUR BOY CHALABI IS IN IRAN. Great job! Shouldn't Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz be FIRED for dealing with this DOUBLE AGENT SWINDLER!? No, I didn't think so... you don't have the balls to criticize.


I could go down a list of ARTICLES sighting Chalabi as a mafia like beast, that are not opinionated but this guy was just so clear and so accurate in his criticism that I had to post that link. READ PEOPLE, WE GOT PLAYED. ITS ALL OUT THERE FOR YOU TO FIND.

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Imagine that Street.. you get taken in a shell game and then you don't want to acknowledge it heheh. What idiots. I watched Wolfowitz on C-Span yesterday in front of the House, he sees it coming. Someone is going to roll for this... and it just might be his boss.

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Oh Puhlease, the Ottoman empire was dismantled after WWI, and these are TERRORISTS, hello....

THere has yet to be ANY kind of attack from another country on us there in Iraq, I wonder why that is?

Please Little Grasshopper, you need to not only read history, but take modern considerations into account, which you don't.

Please, please, get a grip, and also, quit with the namecalling, your desperation is definitely showing..... And lack of skills in debating.

Attacking the messenger is not at all the message you should be getting across, attack the facts, or don't debate at all.

You are being rude, disrespectful, and most of all showing true desperation.

Please CALM DOWN....

Thank you

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