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You want to talk video editing?

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Here is a story from the Hardball site about the use of an Interview Matthews had with John Kerry and how the RNC butchered it.

This is so absolutely DISGUSTING that I hope that all of you fact finding Republicans will SCREAM bloody murder that these are the tactics being employed by the RNC. President Bush has been quoting this for months and now it's time for the piper to be paid.


How did an attack on the Presidents M.O. get skewed into such a perverted untruth? Is this what it's all come to? The best part is the end where Matthews says, "I think the president ought to be shown this tape so he knows what heÔÇÿs talking about, instead of having it fed to him by somebody who doesnÔÇÿt show them full sentence.ÔÇØ


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I see, so when Michael Moore does it, it's fine, because it's a documentary, when the Dem's do it, it's OK, because they are attacking Bush, when Moveon.org does it, it's OK too, just as long as it's about Bush.

BUT, if the RNC does the same thing against Kerry, Ohhh, the Excrement just hits the fan...

LOL, too good, what's good for the goose buds....

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Jaguar can you kindly give me examples from the Moore film where this occured. I am not even about saying that Moore's work isn't politically motivated to prove his point, ofcourse it is. What I want to know is where something like this occured. You didn't see the movie so can you quote me the sources and the footage where the people were taken out of context in the way that Kerry was?

Moveon.org is a private political action committee it is not the DNC. This was an RNC ad Jaguar, these guys are supposed to at least attempt to be truthful in their advertising. I don't see the same kind of blatant misrepresentation coming through official channels on the Dem's side. You can educate me if I'm wrong.

I'm sorry but if the best you can do is "what's good for the goose," I'm gonna have to say I find it lacking.


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Originally posted by Takvah:

Jaguar can you kindly give me examples from the Moore film where this occured.

Here's the first example of Moore edits and splices several Heston speeches to change their meaning in bowling for columbine

here's an example of editing in Fahrenheit 9/11

Moore: No congressmen have sons serving in Iraq

Fact: 4 of them do, in fact one of them who shows up in the movie says Moore edited his statement so that his claim never made it into the film.

[ 08-17-2004, 09:33 PM: Message edited by: LostInSpace ]

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And you're right, it was very lacking, I was in a hurry this afternoon, I have a sick wife, 2 sick kids, and the frickin turtle is driving the dog nuts, so it has been a madhouse, oh. and I have a temp of 102 and probably Strep throat.

it was lacking, I will attempt to do better tomorrow.

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I was talking about Farenheit 9/11. Bowling for Columbine might serve to say that Moore is capable of skewing facts but if you review articles from 1999 and the context you see that the NRA declared themselves "defiant" in the face of the community's (that had been shattered by gun tragedy) request that they postpone their event. It was cheap I'm not going to deny it. But do you have something relevant to Farenheit and better yet do you guys have official Kerry advertising to match up with the official Bush/RNC stuff that they butchered?

As for Moore again, here is his rebuttal to the Heston footage of the "cold dead hand" thing. It does make sense in a way because when I think of Chuck Heston I think of him either screaming about "Damned dirty apes," or him and "the cold dead hands" nonsense. An image that was very heavily sold to us all to favor the NRA as a tough talking bunch.

Michael Moore's explanation:

As for the clip preceding the Denver speech, when Heston proclaims "from my cold dead hands," this appears as Heston is being introduced in narration. It is Heston's most well-recognized NRA image ÔÇô hoisting the rifle overhead as he makes his proclamation, as he has done at virtually every political appearance on behalf of the NRA (before and since Columbine). I have merely re-broadcast an image supplied to us by a Denver TV station, an image which the NRA has itself crafted for the media, or, as one article put it, "the mantra of dedicated gun owners" which they "wear on T-shirts, stamp it on the outside of envelopes, e-mail it on the Internet and sometimes shout it over the phone.". Are they now embarrassed by this sick, repulsive image and the words that accompany it?

This all said, can we get back to the facts as relate to Bush and Kerry and attack ad accuracy?

LIS you posted while I posted this about Columbine.

With regard to the members of Congress...

There were four members of congress with children in the military only ONE, as was stated in the film had a son fighting in Iraq.

Oh and feel better Jaguar... sick sucks and throat pain really sucks.

I think Im gonna go tear me off a piece. Nighty, night fellas.

[ 08-17-2004, 10:13 PM: Message edited by: Takvah ]

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