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No detractors or dissent at Bush Events?

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Drink the Kool Aid and sign the forms. These people call Kerry a coward. At least he doesn't have people exchanging tickets for proof of party affiliation or the signing of "oaths" that you support the President and are voting for him. What if you're undecided? Ooops too bad. Yeah they're stopping the work of Democratic interlopers ROFLMAO. MY GOD what has happened to our country when the President cannot take the heat of his office and the criticism of his people.

Jim Walz said it best, if these are "campaign" events and off limits to the public then Bush and his campaign should be responsible for the cost of security, fuel etc.

What happened to my party? Remember when we were men and when Reagan would heckle back! My GOD GW is just too dumb to do it, he stomps off and curses out his staff when things get hot. Just ask G.W. about Ken Lay. I just don't get why this guy can't get it together to be a man and say what he thinks without handlers doing it for him. And when they aren't doing it for him why is he doing it in front of oath signing friendly crowds that don't ask tough questions?

Here are some links for you:

Bush Backers Only - Minnesota

Bush Backers Only - Cheney in New Mexico and the story of a Vet in Dubuque

Asked about Ken Lay Bush walks out of conference YES I know where this is linked from, it was all over the news for about an hour and you can find it on Yahoo! I just liked the tagline next to the story that says, Is Bush Insane? Sadly, I can't answer a firm NO to that. Here it's in the telegraph too... Bush walks away from Enron questions

And you guys wonder why people refer to him as King George. Is this not the behavior of a monarch or a dictator? Doesn't it kind of freak any of you guys that love freedom and the process out that this kind of thing is going on?

Yes I know, it's just the world that's gone mad... *snickers*

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NO...........Bush? LOL

His daddy's friends, are trying to keep his image, in a positive light.


And you guys wonder why people refer to him as King George. Is this not the behavior of a monarch or a dictator? Doesn't it kind of freak any of you guys that love freedom and the process out that this kind of thing is going on?

What freaks me out, is how many people ACCEPT this crap as "NORMAL"!!

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Let's see, Every time that they have had "open" sessions with Bush, what ends up happening is a few DU trolls, and left wing nuts get in, and then start throwing little hissy fits, attempting to throw a monkey in the works.

They get violent, make so much noise that the speakers can't speak, and basically destroy the event for everyone.

Free speech is fine with liberals, as long as it agrees with their speech.

IN New York, there are now plans by DEMOCRATS and others to disrupt the Republican convention in an way shape or form they can.

They are planning to disrupt hotels, shut down subways, try and use enough power to brownout the convention etc.

Did you hear of Republican operatives DISRUPTING the Democrat convention? No, because they didn't.

If the Democrat party and their allies would quit trying to disrupt and hurt Republican gatherings, such things would not be necassary.

Again, democrats and liberals LOVE free speech when it's theirs.

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Are you serious? Every rally that Kerry holds there are Republican protestors in the crowd. The last time he called them thugs. Rush was screaming about him using that term for DAYS. Now however, he has nothing to say about the Hitler Youth approach of Bush when it comes to these oaths and whatnot. We didn't see Republican hecklers at the DNC? It was in an arena the protesters were outside in their little cage. Do you think the RNC will be different. THOSE GUYS ARE MAKING THE PEOPLE PROTEST ON THE WEST SIDE HIGHWAY. Ever been to NYC? That's plenty far from the Garden my friend and that's just whacko to do that to dissenters. Let them assemble just make it far from where anybody might see it.

The facts are this... oaths, threatening arrest, etc. etc. I don't see this coming from Kerry's camp. Hmmmmm.


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Give me a fricking break, yeah, the little free speech zone, but we did NOT INTENTIONALLY attempt to DISRUPT the convention.

There are plans by DU, anarchists and other LEFTIST organizations to literally DISRUPT the Republican convention in any way they can.

There is no Free speech zone put out by the RNC, the New York City Law Enforcement created that zone, unlike Boston.

Oh no, get off the high horse Takvah, the republicans like to have nice enjoyable rallies without a lot of nonsense and heckling going on, and when the DU's and others of the Democrat ilk get in there, they use physical violence and intimidation to disrupt them.

You may not like it, then get your party to stop it, because you are a Democrat, no doubts in my mind.

And you don't see it coming from Kerry's camp, because the protesters A: allow Kerry to speak,. without trying to drown him out, B: do not resort to physical violence and intimidation to shut down all discourse, and C: Respect the fact that he has freedom of speech and should be allowed to put his foot in his mouth whenever he is given the opportunity.

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