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Will Bush be wired for this debate?

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So I'm sitting there watching the debate last week and I look to my brother and I say, "is Bush high or is he waiting for the information to be fed into his earpiece?". Hysterically enough it seems that while Kerry was accused of bringing a "cheat sheet" (which turned out to be a pen or something) into the debate there is some startling banter and a photo which appears to show that the President had something attached to his back. The obvious jokes are that it was Cheney's hand but the suspicion is that Bush had a device attached to his back that let his handlers feed him his lines. CNN apparently managed to pick up on a transmission that Bush seemed to follow in a speech he gave. So, how weird is this? I mean if this is true the man is such a puppet that he cannot speak without prompting. It just goes to show why the guy had to have Dick Cheney go into the 9/11 Commission hearing with him. I am so embarrassed that I voted for this clown. At least I get to remedy that in under a month.

Read the story here: W Wired? and expect more stories to start being generated about this... HOPEFULLY.

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I noticed that during the debate, only then it looked more like wrinkles on the center seam of his jacket to me. That pic makes it look like something entirely different.

Maybe he was wearing a bulletproof vest or something, but I sure hope it's not some electronic device, that would just be too much to bear.

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That is called a Bullet proof vest, and if anyone claims that it is anything else, they are high on drugs.

Of course that was salon, what else should I expect from such a source?

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Reality No. 1: His rationale for invading Iraq now summarily discounted and polls continuing to show he's losing ground, Bush faces an unpredictable town-hall terrain, hostile questions on the war and a revived Democratic challenger, who shellacked him in Miami and is nothing if not an accomplished "closer." Bush might as well call in sick.

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I see that you haven't read the Duefler report either Street.

Why am I NOT surprised.

The Duefler report supports what Bush did, as well as when Kerry gave him authorization based on the SAME intelligence.

ANd tonight is going to be fun to watch.

Bush was tired, he had just gotten done going through FLorida, and the aftermath of the hurricanes.

Oh, and BTW, the Kerry campaign is completely flipped out about the debate tonight, because the townhall format is where Bush is VERY comfortable, and Kerry sucks. The DNC has stated it themselves.

Geez, where do you get your information?

Oh, that's right, if it doesn't agree with your personal feelings, you ignore it.

My mistake...

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I don't believe that it was a bulletproof vest. There are a lot of circumstantial points to coincide with that picture, such as Bush saying, "Let me finish," when nobody was interrupting him. It also explains all of the "Uh and duh" moments that the President had. There is also the strange CNN video of the underlying "voice" during the D-Day events in France.

You want a Manchurian Candidate? Bush is surely it. He gets his energy policy from oil companies and what happens? Prices soar. Same goes for pharmaceuticals and virtually every other industry that Bush has gotten involved with. Well ok, sorry... not Bush... his puppeteers.

I expect if this debate goes like the last one, some of the more radical elements of my party are going to start looking for golden parachutes. I have no doubt that these guys faced with ousting are going to get pretty damn desperate. I only hope they don't do something really stupid like stage a terrorist event. Pretty sad when you can't put that past your government isn't it? Hell I imagine Jaguar could stomach a few dead Americans for the sake of a Bush victory. Look, neocons and their organizations like the PNAC have been wishing for just this kind of environment in the world since the time of Kennedy. Back then they wanted to kill a few Americans and make it appear as if Castro was responsible. Scary stuff and a scary time. The stakes are so much higher this time around.

Boohoo Bush was tired... I LIVE HERE... Bush did ten to thirty minute stints in places around Ft. Pierce to Miami... WHOOPDEEDOO. It was laughable what he did down here. I realize that it was a debate that put Bush thirty minutes past his bedtime but don't blame it on HURRICANE VICTIMS!

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Takvah, you are just unbelievable...


That is the strap of a bullet proof vest....

Have you eer worn a bullet proof vest?

I have, and the strap that goes around the back will and can bunch up.

Bush was NOT getting any feed back via a hidden microphone, and if he was, I assure you, you would NOT have seen it.

Putting a box on the president as a transmitter is like trying to do calculations with a computer from the 40's.

I have a transmitter that is SO small, that you would mistake it for a ball point pin. and it puts out almost 500 MW. A transmitter transmitting to someone within 100 yards would not have to put out much more then 50 millwatts to be heard, and 50 miliwatt transmitter is about the size of a quarter.

You think that the CinC would use technology from the 70's if he was gonna cheat? Get real...

This is NOT talk radio, or a talk show Takvah.

A transmitter on his back...ROFLMAO!!!

Let's see you go 15 hours, from place to place, jump in a car, jump in a helicopter, talk to hundreds of people, and then tell me that you wouldn't be tired.

Get a grip Takvah, and the ONLY ones getting violent in this campaign are Democrats, there have been MORE violent acts towards Republicans by Democrats then there have ever been in an election.

RNC campaign HQ's getting broken into, DNC crowds breaking into and taking OVER RNC headquarters etc.

The DNC is PANICING, as they should, once Bush is reelected, they will be shown for the fanatics and nuts that they are.

The American people are getting very tired of the Dem's whining about their loss of power.

Boohoo, whine all you want, you had 50 years to straighten this country out in your image, now it's the Republicans turn to see if they can get it right.

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Jaguar, you keep saying my guys had fifty years to straighten out this country. Well my guys are the Republicans, the REAL Republicans. The guys that were about freedom and responsibility. You know the Teddy Roosevelt types, the McCain type (when he isn't selling his soul at a convention). There are a few of them left in the party. Now let's look at your statement about Deomocrats being in power for fifty years. I'm sorry that's not accurate. The Congress has been more often than not, in the control of the Republicans for the past ten years. For the past four years the Republicans have been in charge (for the most part) of all branches of the government. In my lifetime Presidents have gone as follows: Nixon ®, Ford® (really doesn't count), Carter (D), Reagan ®, Bush ®, Clinton (D) and Bush ®. Are you noticing anything there Jaguar? In my thirty four years of life twelve of them have been under a Democratic President. So please, spare me this whole, "It's our turn!" argument. I loved Reagan and G. H. W. Bush, (eventhough now I understand that he also screwed the pooch just like Junior). When will you hold accountable those in power? How long do the Republicans have to be in power before you finally say, "OK, we're responsible for X, Y, or Z?" Politicians are scumbags and I don't hold any of them in any regard, good or bad, for the simple fact that they have and R or a D after their name. What matters is what they do with their power once they have it. I usually find myself more aligned with Republicans than I do Democrats but in this case Bush has failed this country. So, now it's time for him go back to civilian life.

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Being in power means having the Senate, the House and the presidency.

If a president does not have the Congress, then he has no power to change anything, although Reagan pulled it off.

But we don't have a Reagan, no matter how much I would wish otherwise.

I don't like Bush either Takvah, but he is a LOT better then Kerry, and I will hold my nose and vote for him.

Reagan was the FIRST president I ever got to vote for him, and he was my CinC while I was in the military as well, along with Bush, but the main one was Reagan.

We need another Reagan, but we don't have one, Bush is a sorry 2nd best, but he's the best we have, and he's doing the best job he can.

And McCain? He's the worst, Ron Paul is more along the lines of what I want, where is our brigade of Ron Pauls? If cloning were legal, that is what I would want, a congress full of Ron Pauls, but it ain't gonna happen.

The cancer is too deep, so I will hold my nose and vote for Bush and hope that this country can hold together long enough to defeat the terrorists before it comes apart at the seams.

You think that I actually enjoy defending Bush? I think what he is doing is right, but, he is not really the man I want doing it.


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Originally posted by street:


I don't like Bush either Takvah, but he is a LOT better then Kerry, and I will hold my nose and vote for him.

poor jag, backpeddling as fast as bush

I have never said otherwise Street.

And as I said before,, if you weren't such an arrogant bastard, we might actually find some common ground.

But your petrtiness and arrogance just won't let that happen.

Poor Street, not sure what I said, because he doesn't bother to read my posts. or just sees the parts that he wants to attack me with.

Ahh, yes, that old, ignore the facts that disagree, and then attack him on the ones that I do agree with.

Poor Street, royally confused, as usual...

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Originally posted by street:

Sorry kid, I have faithfully(and painfully)followed

your post quite thoroughly, but am not that "IGNORANT AMERICAN" bush and his radical worshippers hope me to be"

go ahead and try to "SPIN" I expect nothing more from the likes of you.

Nope, you're not, you're just a sucker that will believe ANYTHING that is told to him if it backs up your Hate Bush emotionalism, because that is ALL it is based on EMOTION.

You have not shown ONE fact to back up ANYTHING that you have said.

You back it up with fautly premises, ignorance or just plain ignoring the ACTUAL facts, and then claiming that somehow your emotions trump my facts.

I find it rather amusing actually, and sad at the same time.

Poor Street, all that Emotion clouds your thinking.

Ignore the facts if they disagree with your emotions.

THat's fine though, whatever you want to think Street.

I'll just stand here and shake my head, just as I do at that crazy old man up on his soap box screaming about the end of the world.

He has every right to speak his piece, too bad he makes such a fool of himself when he does.

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When you start publishing addresses etc on the forum, it is pretty obvious that you do care.

Because if you didn't, you would not try to threaten me, and shut me up.

Why do I threaten you Street? If I am so full of it?

Why do you feel threatened enough to actually research who I am and where I live Street?

Why, if you don't care, are you taking all this time and energy to find out who I am.

I think you care a great deal, and are VERY angry.

Poor Street, you are beginning to unravel, sit back, take a deep breath and think on it, HARD.

You need some help there buddy, I would advise you to get it.

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I know this will sound like I'm giving ground but I can respect you holding your nose and pulling the lever Jag. What I will always fight with you about is when you criticize others for making a similar choice and it not being the guy you're going for.

I am a Republican I just don't see any up there to vote for and Bush's agenda isn't mine... so I need to vote Kerry just to see that agenda stopped.

As for the addresses it is poor form to publish them and I hope that Street will retract that post. Whether we love or hate one another one thing remains, like it or not we're Americans. Even if our politics differs there is one thing we share and that is that for all the warts this is the greatest country on the planet (apologies in advance to our international forum community).


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