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Out of Control!!!

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I keep telling you people but no one listens

Feb. 7 issue - Workers for Weyco, a health-benefits administrator in Okemos, Mich., can now be fired for smokingÔÇöon or off the job. The company plans to randomly test workers at least once a year. As a business that pays claims for health plans, "we see some of the devastating effects of smoking-related illnesses," says Gary Climes, vice president of finance. "We're trying to avoid it." So are other corporations. While 28 states have passed smoker-protection laws since 1989, the others never made smokers a protected class.


Anti-smoking advocates counter that being overweight doesn't hurt anyone else; secondhand smoke kills about 38,000 nonsmokers annually, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

Where they come up with these figures, I have no idea. How can anyone differentiate second hand smoke to second hand car exhaust fumes or other second hand airborne pollutants I'll never know. Besides it's already (as I have pointed out in another thread) that the WHO study on Second Hand Smoke showed no affect but in their annual news letter stated that it does contradicting their own study. I think this is where the CDC is still getting it's info from.

Read more here:




Health Care Company That Fired Smokers Also Targeting Fat

Weyers Won't Fire Employees For Obesity

January 27, 2005

A Michigan health care company that fired four employees for smoking is also targeting fat.

Howard Weyers, the founder of Weyco Inc., said he wants to tell fat workers to lose weight or else, Reuters reported.

Weyers brought in weight experts to speak with employees, according to Reuters. The company also offers employees a $35 monthly incentive for joining a health club and $65 for meeting fitness goals.

But the company isn't planning to fire employees for unhealthy lifestyle choices, according to a Weyco news release.

"Anyone concerned about limiting employers' rights to specify terms of employment should know that federal law protects people with conditions like obesity, alcoholism and AIDS. But there's no right to indulge in tobacco," the news release said.

Four Weyco employees were fired after the company enacted a new policy this month, allowing workers to be fired if they smoke, even if the smoking takes place after hours or at home.

The four employees were fired for refusing to take a test to determine whether they smoke. Weyers said the company doesn't want to pay the higher health care costs associated with smoking.

An official of the company -- which administers health benefits -- estimated that 18 to 20 of its 200 employees were smokers when the policy was first announced in 2003. As many as 14 of them quit smoking before the policy went into effect.

The company's Web site states:

Weyco Inc. is a non-smoking company that strongly supports its employees in living healthy lifestyles.

I'm getting really disgusted.

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Yeah, that's bull, I think a lawsuit is brewing. That's descrimination towards smokers...So, higher medical costs because of smoking? How about higher medical costs because of obesity, high cholesterol, blood pressure, alcoholism (on the weekends ) Hmmm...sounds like they just singled out smokers and that's that...

And on top of that, what completly pisses me off is that it's NONE of their damn business, ZERO, what I do when off work, and if what I do off work is not impacting my performance when I'm on. On the other hand, I bet you obesity does impact performance ON work, for some jobs, oh I can't wait till those guys sue that company for ALL they are worth...

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Just wish people would get it through there head that smoking kills, doesn't matter if it's 2nd hand or not

But, people will continue to go along the mentaility of "It'll never happen to me", there's just one problem... Death is something that can't be avoided, you'll die eventually, by smoking you're just decreasing you're life span

I may not agree with the company, but I do agree on this

It's a private enterprise, the government shouldn't be allowed to have ANY say in what THEY do, since THEY don't RUN that company

It's like I always said, "Keep the government out of it". Just wish those idiots in the Public School District had listened, thats the main reason our public schools suck and graduate idiots...

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Guest Remo Williams

You'll never get out of life alive do what makes you happy why your here. If its smoking then more power to you its your life no one elseÔÇÖs.

Just be courteous of others that don't smoke. I never smoke near non-smokers since they have chosen not to smoke, so I don't force it on them. Just as I expect them to mind there own business about my smoking since its my choice.

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Another example of a small group of people who wish to force their will upon other people for the sole purpose of making a buck.

I am with Remo on this.

My employer has no business dictating what I can and can't do with my Homo Sapien robot.

I too have respect for all the other HS Robots and I always ask if they have a problem with me using tobacco in their general vicinity.

If they do I will transport to a more secluded area.

So what's next?

"You have been tested and shown to have been breathing greenhouse gasses which are detrimental to your health and will drive up our healthcare costs. Therefore we regret to inform you that you are dismissed from employment with this firm."

On a side note, your test also shows that you have been imbibing copious amounts of McDonalds Fries, which are also unhealthy and we urge you to cease this manner of food intake along with quitting the tobacco and all other unhealthy habits as listed in the employee manual.

Oh Big Brother!

Corporate America has way too much power already, in that your rights are left in the parking lot as soon as you step through the door and you either comply or quit.

Mark my words kids...


The days of Martyrdom are closer than you think.

Total Apocalypse is next. All in the name of money.

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Guest DocHoliday

hehehe, quite so Wolferz. I didn't see this thread before. If it doesn't affect your job performance it should not be used against you. And like you said, sooner or later, insurance companies will find out any person is "unsafe" to insure, becase by some strange coincidence, all people die, which is really BAD for business

Whenever I read articles like that it makes me wanna scream something like:

"WELL, why don't you set fees for people who stink, burp and fart in public?! They are screwing up with my health too. And if nothing else offend my senses! I want amends!"

In my country we now get cigarettes with special black labels on them, that go something like:

"Smoking kills you"

"Smokers live shorter lives"

"Smoking affects unborn children"

and on and on and on!

I mean, for pete's sake, why don't you put a sticker on every friggin car, factory, power plant, waste disposal center, etc. etc.

Granted, smoking is bad and yes, it would be nice if we all stopped (myself included) but this witch-hunt is ridiculous.



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