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40 reasons to support Gun Control

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There is enough crime in Norway, it's just not hard crime compared to a lot of other countries.

Of course we could reform your criminals for you, we'll just have to make sure that you pay us to do so. Even though we have our fund and we are - lets face it - bloody rich, it would require a bit more than $1000 per prisoner. Lets look at costs for one prisoner per year:

Basic costs: $145 x 356 = $52.000,-/year

Integration: ~ $25.000,-/year

Two way flight ticket: = $ 3.500,-/year

SUM = $80.500,-/year

Customs duty (30%): = $24.150,-/year

SUM = $104.650,-/year

NATO discount (10%) = -$ 10.465,-/year

SUM = $ 94.185,-/year

Markup (30%) = $ 28.255,-/year

SUM = $122.440,-/year

Value added tax (28%) = $ 36.732,-/year

SUM = $159.172,-/year

Seems to be a good deal to me...

As of all your other nonsense babbling... Since we put money into the oil fund - not oil - we will still be rich day USA uses electrical cars...

Oh... I forgot to mention that Norway is not equal to Europe is not equal to EU...

Norway = independant country and not a member of EU.

Europe = continent

EU = European union - an alliance of european countries

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