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Kerry Sorry for 'Stuck in Iraq' Remarks

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What were we talking about again?

Oh yeah Kerry, really, this is just politics as usual, whenever a politician who isn't as popular tries to say something he really means, he gets his head chopped off, then recants and the apoligises, if he got a positive responce from the recanting...

(politicians seem to think that if they go backwards enough they'll end up ahead...)

Voli0, your OPINIONS are welcome but stating things, that you have no proof of, as fact won't garner any support for your opinion.

As far as Kerry goes IMHO he smiles like a car salesman and I wouldn't trust him as far as i could throw him.


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Volio you never have to worry about about garnering support for ANY dissenting opinion around here. Kerry is a wingnut but there is a kernel of truth to what he said. Ther are very few I would guess, upper middle class and/or wealthy people fighting and dying in Iraq. Rich old guys sending poor and lower middle class guys to die for a cause that I still have not heard any compelling evidence for. i am in agreement that if we MUST continue in Iraq, it is only fair we reinstate the draft. That way every segment of our population can serve the country thaty have taken so much from.

I see the Army has lowered the already middling standards for admission to make sure they hit thier recruitment targets.

I served and no one fooled me or twisted my arm, but it is only fair that our armed forces be more representative of the country it has pledged to protect.

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