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MS Windows Product Lifecycle

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Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr:

Now that MS has announced their
for 95/98/ME, it looks like my next game will only support XP/2K. Thank God.

I knew it was only a matter of time before I needed to spend more bloody cash for a swiss cheese OS. I think it's time for me to drop the MS product line all together and give Linux a try.

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There's too many naive users who think an 6-year old OS can hack it security-wise and otherwise. I blame this on them.

/evil_laughter=on, rant=on

Sometimes I laugh when I hear them complain about performance (NT 4 on same box as Win98 can leave Win98 in the dust doing heavy-duty number crunching, somewhere 3 to 6 times faster in my experience -- and NT 4 is a dinosaur itself). Or when they get mad when MS announces they won't fix a bug because the OS is too old and about to go obsolete anyway. Hello! You think after 8 years maybe its time to upgrade? Or do you still like to use DOS 3.1 too?

/evil_laughter=off, /rant=off

Do you realize how infuriating it is to code up some cool stuff only to have your testers come up to you and say, "When I run the program I get a message 'DLL missing export symbol ' and it quits"? Stupid OS variations.

Actually, in all honesty now that I think about it the last time I got that error was due to an IE version issue. Certain "coolified" desktop features aren't necessarily included in even more recent versions of IE if you have an older OS (e.g. NT 4.0). I had assumed otherwise.

Old OS support and IE version issues. Ugh.

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