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Surgeon General's Warning?!?!?!

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You know if he (the college student sueing game companies) wins, we'll either end up having warnings on game boxes

According to the april issue of Computer Games Magazine, the Surgeon General wants to put warnings on computer games. They thought this was sooooo funny that they had to publicly mock it in there magazine. They came up with this mock warning. Here it is word for word:


SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: Use of this product may cause aggressive behavior in children. Exessive use has been linked to repetitive stress injuries, a need to create acronyms from common game-related terms,sleep deprivation, a loss of interest in intrapersonal "real world" relationships, blurred vision, pointless substitution of the letter "z" for "s", hunched shoulders, an irrational desire to engage in endless debates over
, lowered metabolism, increased Mountain Dew conumption, and weieght gain in infants and adults. Quitting gaming now greatly reduces serious risks to your health andgreatly increases your attractiveness to potential partners.


koodos to the to Steve Bauman at CGM for writing such a great article.

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Please reply if you find you have relevent or interesting to say about this. I also beleive that there was also a story about a college student sueing about computer games. Where did it go?

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In case anyone's looking for me I've been out of the loop for about a week so if anybody tried to contact me since friday the 15th please somehow contact me withthe information

PS: Do smiles work in signatures?

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